Sprouts Farmers Market Weekly Ad (12/13/23 – 12/19/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

Sprouts Farmers Market is a haven for those who are having trouble finding organic and natural products because those are all it sells. Even better, it has hundreds of branches across the US, so it’s highly accessible. 

Sprouts Farmers Market Ad & Preview

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However, there is this impression that anything natural or organic is more expensive. So, is Sprouts Farmers Market out of reach for most of us? Well, if you know how to find its deals and promos, you’ll find that healthy living isn’t only for the wealthy with Sprouts. 

One popular way to find those deals is using the Sprouts Farmers Market weekly ad. We’ll talk about it in this article, along with other shopping tips. 

What Does Sprouts Farmers Market Sell?

Sprouts Farmers Market is regarded as a specialty store. That is, it sells a specific line of products, which are organic and natural foods, many of which are locally sourced. 

These are the categories of its organic and natural foods:

  • Fresh produce – includes fruits, vegetables, floral items, dressings, dips, and more
  • Deli – features several cheeses, meats, snacks, and ready-to-eat products (you won’t go hungry while shopping!)
  • Bakery – offers fresh bread, tortillas, and other baked goodies
  • Bulk – perfect for those who want to stock on nuts, grains, seeds, cereals, etc.
  • Dairy – besides milk, butter, spreads, and yogurt, this section includes eggs, culture products, plant-based alternatives, and refrigerated items
  • Meat and Seafood – Sprouts is particular about its meat and seafood products, so it only sources from approved vendors
  • Grocery aisles – the usual grocery food items are here, such as nutrition bars, international foods, oils, beverages, soups, along with non-food items
  • Frozen – there is a wide variety of frozen products in Sprouts, from desserts like ice cream to plant-based frozen goods
  • Beer & wine – grab wine, champagne, beer, and other specialty drinks here! 

The main competitors of Sprouts Farmers Market are similar shops like Whole Foods and The Fresh Market. However, it is growing more popular than its counterparts, mostly for its more affordable products.  

Is Sprouts Farmers Market Considered a Supermarket?

Although Sprouts is a specialty store, it is also considered a supermarket because it sells more than just food. There are vitamins, body care, baby care, household items, pet care, and more.

Indeed, the Vitamins & Body Care section takes up significant space. It offers supplements, nutritional oils, wellness, and other similar products, which are popular among Sprouts’ shopping demographic as they are mostly health-conscious. 

Therefore, you can get pretty much everything you need at any Sprouts Farmers Market. But if you’re too busy to visit a physical branch, online shopping through the store’s website is an accessible option.   

What Are The Benefits of the Sprouts Farmers Market Weekly Ad?

The variety of products that Sprouts sells is intimidating, but they don’t come with ridiculous price tags. With its affordable prices and numerous deals, the store achieves its goal of eating healthy not being just for the wealthy.

To find these deals, you can use the Sprouts Farmers Market ad for the week. It is a promotional material available online.

The said ad looks like a Sprouts Farmers Market flyer with various products, promotions, and announcements creatively crammed into a few pages. But besides being good to look at, what other benefits does this material give you?

1 Helps Shoppers Save Money

The top benefit of the ad is that it saves money. After all, it features the Sprouts Farmers Market deals this week, which allows you to save up to 50%! 

You can save so much because Sprouts has a lot of buy one get one 50% off deals. Even better, the two items do not have to be the same. 

The second item just has to be of the same price or less than the first.  

2 Useful for Meal Planning and Budgeting     

Prices often change. When that happens, budgets and plans are also disrupted. 

Thankfully, there’s an easy way to know the latest prices and promos: the Sprouts Farmers Market sales ad. It puts prices on some products, which you can use for budgeting.

You can also plan your meals based on what’s on sale for the week! To make meal planning easier, you can also check out the recipes Sprouts has on its site. 

3 Easily Add Items to Your Shopping List

Did you find a deal you like on the ad and you don’t want to lose it? Thankfully, the Sprouts weekly ad is interactive.

You can click on a product and a pop-up window will appear. An “Add to List” button will be on the window and you can click on it to easily add that certain deal. 

Just make sure to buy the item while it’s on sale. When the promo duration has lapsed, you’ll have missed your chance to make savings. 

Is There a Sprouts Farmers Market Monthly Ad? 

There is a Sprouts Farmers monthly ad, although it is more known as the monthly deals flyer. This is unique to the company, as most supermarkets limit themselves to weekly ads. 

As per the name, this ad or flyer does not feature Sprouts Farmers Market sales this week, which are usually a variety of products that include foods to groceries. 

Instead, the monthly deals mainly highlight products or items that are in season. For instance, if it’s nearing Thanksgiving, it will showcase holiday meats like turkey. 

There are also other products besides those in season, but they’re often from the Sprouts brands. Thus, the variety is more limited compared to the weekly ad. 

Still, it’s always a good idea to check it out! You may find something you like, and you’re less pressured to buy it immediately as it’s available the whole month. 

More Tips for Shopping at Sprouts Farmers Market 

Besides scrolling through the weekly and monthly ads, here are other things you can do to save money while shopping at Sprouts:

1 Clip and Redeem Digital Coupons

Sprouts offers a ton of digital coupons and you can find them all on one page. They offer varying amounts of savings. 

Some vouchers give you a discount of a few dollars. Meanwhile, some coupons allow you to get free items or enjoy “buy one get one” promos.

These coupons also tend to last longer than the monthly or weekly deals. Thus, you can clip and redeem them at a time most convenient to you (or your budget). 

2 Shop on Wednesdays 

The best day to shop at Sprouts Farmers Market is Wednesday. But why so?

Well, Wednesday at Sprouts is also known as Double Ad Wednesdays because the expiring (previous week) and upcoming (current week) ads are overlapping. 

As such, the promos for both ads are honored on that day, so you get twice the amount of deals! 

3 Download the Sprouts App

If you shop frequently at Sprouts, you really should have its mobile app. For one, it’s easier to access the weekly ad on it – no need to crank open your PC or laptop.

But an even better reason to have the app is all the exclusive promos and coupons. It also has a barcode feature, so you can scan products for information like ingredient lists and nutritional facts.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Stores Does Sprouts Have?

Sprouts Farmers Market is a nationwide chain with 380 stores across the United States. More branches are being opened though, so the figures may rise soon. 

The chain is based in Phoenix, Arizona, where it has 45 stores. However, most of its branches are in California, which hosts 139 Sprouts Farmers Markets. 

Is Sprouts Cheaper Than Trader Joe’s?

According to several sources, Trader Joe’s is usually cheaper than Sprouts. However, if you consider Sprouts’ frequent sales or promos, its prices become competitive. 

Some shoppers also find Sprouts to offer more variety and better product quality than Trader Joe’s. Thus, they’re willing to overlook the price difference. 

Is Sprouts More Expensive Than Walmart?

Sprouts are often more expensive than Walmart. This may be expected, as Walmart is a supermarket giant with a great variety of products whereas Sprouts is a specialty store. 

However, its produce prices may be cheaper or competitive compared to Walmart. It also tends to be cheaper than direct competitors like Whole Foods. 

What Is Sprouts Famous For?

Sprouts is most famous for its organic produce, a significant portion of which is locally sourced. It also sells unique, organic products like grass-fed beef jerky, organic cappuccino gelato, etc.

The store is also known for its vitamins and deli sections. The variety of nutritional products it sells is impressive. 

Where Does the Food From Sprouts Come From?

Most of the food sold at Sprouts is locally sourced. They have an approved set of vendors who provide them with natural or organic produce, meat, and other food products. 

Some of the food products are also prepared at the store itself. For instance, the Sprouts butcher makes the sausage and cuts the meat according to customer requests. 

Who Owns Sprouts Grocery Chain?

Since 2011, the Sprouts grocery chain has been owned by Apollo Global Management. Several farmers’ market chains were combined to constitute the current Sprouts chain.