ALDI Weekly Ad (12/13/23 – 12/19/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

Aldi is among the few supermarket chains that have truly taken the world by storm. After all, it’s not only popular in its home country, Germany. The company has locations across 20 countries, including the United States. 

If you love shopping at Aldi, you should know how to use the Aldi weekly ad. Learning how to use the ad, which you will learn from this article, will help you save money (and leave you with more quarters for the shopping cart!). 

ALDI Ad & Preview

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What is the Aldi Weekly Ad?

The Aldi weekly ad is a promotional resource accessible through the company’s website. It features discounted items, and those reduced prices are valid for a week only (as the name implies).

The concept of a weekly ad is not new to American shoppers. Most supermarkets or groceries have them, so if you’ve seen or used one, you’ll find it easy to use the Aldi ad. 

What Makes the Aldi Weekly Ad Unique? 

Although the Aldi weekly ad is not unique in its purpose and general use, some things still set it apart (besides the products featured). Here are some:

1. Requires Location 

You must input your location before accessing any Aldi sales ad for the week. You may type in your city, state, or zip code. The site will then suggest some nearby Aldi branches, and you can choose the one you plan to shop in for the week.

Once you’ve selected the store, you’ll gain access to the ad. This process may seem like a hassle to some because many stores do not require a location to access their weekly ad. 

Unlike other stores, though, Aldi has many branches across the US, and product availability varies across locations. Thus, it’s not efficient for all of them to have just one ad. 

For instance, some locations may have broccoli, so they can sell it cheap this week, while others do not. Thus, by asking for a location, you’re sure to get a weekly ad that is accurate to the store you are going to. 

2. Horizontal Orientation

Many weekly ads are vertical; thus, you scroll up and down to see the pages. Thus, Aldi’s weekly ad may be disorienting as the pages are in horizontal orientation. To move across pages, you either use the arrow buttons or click the page buttons or labels. 

The vertical scrollbars are still in use for the Aldi sales ad. Each page is long, so you can’t see all the products unless you scroll down. 

3. Explore by Category

The Aldi weekly ad has a categories button on the top right. When you click the button, you’re brought to a page that features the following options:

  • Chilled
  • Dry
  • Fresh Meat
  • Frozen 
  • Non-food
  • Produce 

This option is convenient for those customers who already know what products they want to buy. They no longer have to scroll through items they don’t need, which can be a waste of time. 

You can also use the search option on the ad’s top-right to find a promo or product you are interested in. 

4. Add to the Shopping List 

If there are a lot of items you find interesting in the ad, you don’t have to track them in your head mentally. Not only is that a hassle, but you might also forget some essential products. 

Instead, hover over the item and click the “Add to List” button. It will automatically be added to your shopping list, which is accessible through a button on the top right of the ad. You can then print the list (which comes out as a checklist!) or send it as an email. 

How to Use the Aldi Weekly Ad

It’s easy to find Aldi deals this week using the weekly ad. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Aldi US website.
  2. Hover your mouse cursor or pointer over “Weekly Specials” to reveal a dropdown menu.
  3. Select “Our Weekly Ads” on the dropdown menu. 
  4. Type your city, state, or zip code on the location input. 
  5. Select an Aldi branch you want to shop in. 
  6. Once the weekly ad is shown, scroll up and down to view all products on a page. 
  7. If you want to move to another page, use the arrow buttons or select a page button on the top of the ad. 
  8. If there’s a promo you want to know more about, hover over the item. Then, click on “See Details”.
  9. If there’s a product you want to add to your shopping list, click “Add to List” instead of “See Details”. There’s also a “Save to Shopping List” button if you choose “See Details” beforehand. 
  10. If you want an offline version of the ad, click the “Download PDF” button on the top right. You can print it and bring the copy to the store like an Aldi flyer.

Make sure you buy the items on your list before the ad expires. After all, it’s an Aldi weekly, not an Aldi monthly ad, so you don’t have much time before the products revert to their old price.  

How to Save While Shopping at Aldi?

You can use the weekly ad to find the Aldi sales this week, but it still won’t be enough to save the most money. Instead, you have to do some of these tips as well:

1. Bring a Reusable Shopping Bag 

Unlike many stores or supermarkets, Aldi has no free shopping bags. This helps keep the prices down, but for those who don’t know about this policy or forgot to bring a bag, their expenses won’t be low. 

Thus, always remember to bring a reusable shopping bag at Aldi. If you’re forgetful, try to keep a couple of bags in your car. In that way, you always have an emergency bag.  

2. Check out the Other Ads 

The weekly ad is excellent, but it’s not the only promotional material that features cheap offers in Aldi. The company also has its in-store ads, which feature Aldi Finds and other items on sale. However, they are only available at the branch, so you can’t order them online. 

Also, a great thing about the in-store ads is that they can be posted in advance! Thus, not only can you access the in-store ads for this week, but you can also view the one for next week. This is great for planning big purchases. 

3. Look for Aldi Savers and Aldi Finds

The Aldi ads will likely feature some Aldi Savers and Aldi Finds, but it’s always a good idea to look out for them when you’re already in the store. 

Aldi Savers are Aldi’s equivalent of clearance sales items, and they stand out with their red and yellow tags. Meanwhile, Aldi Finds are specialty products the store sells for a limited time only. 

The items in the Aldi Finds section can be random, so either check out the ad beforehand to know what’s available or be ready to course through the selection. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Aldi’s Cheaper Than Walmart?

According to various sources, like CNN, Business Insider, and Ramsey Solutions, Aldi’s products are often cheaper than those of Walmart; however, some sources, such as AARP and GO Banking Rates, state that Walmart is more affordable.  

Thus, the best answer is it depends on the products, time, location, and other factors. In some areas, Aldi carries cheaper chicken than Walmart, while vice-versa is true in others. 

If you wish to discover which store is cheaper in your area, it’s best to do your canvassing. You can visit both stores or check their apps and websites for price comparisons. 

Which US States Have Aldi?

There are 2200+ Aldi branches nationwide, so nearly all US states have at least one Aldi. The ones with the most Aldi locations are Florida and Illinois, with 210 each. 

These are the only US states that do not have an Aldi:

  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii 
  • Idaho
  • Maine
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico 
  • Oregon
  • Utah 
  • Wyoming 

You can use the Aldi US website’s Find a Store if you want to check where the Aldi branches are in your state.

Is Trader Joe’s Associated With Aldi’s?

Trader Joe’s and Aldi have a connection, but if the reports are accurate, it’s not in a legal or financial way. Instead, the link is quite historical – Aldi Nord reportedly acquired Trader Joe’s while Aldi Süd owns Aldi.

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd used to be one company owned by the Albrecht brothers. However, they decided to split the business in 1960, so the two are independent of each other.

Thus, that’s why we say that while Trader Joe’s and Aldi may have an association with each other, it’s less direct than others think. Moreover, we say that Trader Joe’s is “reportedly” owned by Aldi Nord because, according to Business Insider, the Albrecht family hasn’t confirmed who bought and owned the chain.   

What Is the Cheapest Day To Shop at Aldi?

Many agree that Wednesday is the best and cheapest day to shop at Aldi. On this day, shelves are restocked, and new promos or sales are introduced. 

However, many are already aware of the Aldi Wednesday hack. Thus, to get the best deals, you should be there on Wednesday morning to be earlier than everyone else. 

Why Do You Need To Pay 25 Cents at Aldi’s?

The 25 cents or quarter you use at Aldi isn’t really a payment to the store. Instead, it’s a deposit to use their grocery carts. Once you return the cart, you get your quarterback, as well! 

What Does Aldi Mean in German?

Aldi doesn’t really have a meaning in German because it is not a German word. Rather, it’s a portmanteau of Albrecht-Diskont or Albrecht-Discount. Albrecht is the family name of the owners and founders, and the discount reflects their stores’ low prices!