Costco Weekly Ad (12/08/23 – 12/14/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

Costco is a shopper’s delight, if not their heaven on earth. After all, it practically has everything, from baby formula to coffins! But besides the variety they offer, people are especially hooked on their discount prices and incredible deals, including Black Friday Sales.

Yes, deals – Costco offers many promos, and they are featured in the Costco weekly ad. We’ll explain more about this ad in this article, so if you keep reading, you’ll make the most out of your warehouse shopping experience.

Costco Ad & Preview

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What is the Costco Weekly Ad?

The Costco weekly ad is a promotional material that compiles and features deals exclusive for a week. It’s not just Costco that has this resource. Other stores, like Target, also have them.

With every featured deal, you can expect these pieces of information to be included:

  • Product name, description, code, and specifications
  • Availability on online platforms or warehouse locations
  • Limit (number of items you can buy per deal)
  • The amount you can save
  • Expected final cost 
  • Picture of the product

What Makes the Costco Weekly Ad Unique?

However, the thing about the Costco weekly ad is that it’s not exactly a weekly ad. That is, it isn’t updated every week or called a weekly ad (or something similar). Instead, it’s called Member-Only Savings (In-Warehouse and online).

Moreover, most Member-Only Savings deals aren’t just for one week. For instance, one of the ads is valid for one month.

Previous ads were of similar duration as well. Thus, it seems more apt that the Costco weekly ad is called the Costco monthly ad or Costco flyer.

Still, this Costco sales ad is similar to other stores’ weekly ads in that it’s packed with exclusive, limited, and highly tempting deals. They also cover many products, like groceries, tires, appliances, furniture, fashion, and more.

How to Use the Costco Weekly Ad

Here’s how you can use the weekly or Member-Only Savings ad to find Costco deals this week:

  1. Ensure that you have a membership at Costco. 
  2. Access the Costco ad via the Warehouse Savings tab of the site’s navigation bar.
  3. Use your scroller or up and down keys to scroll through the deals. 
  4. If you’re interested in a specific offer, click on it to be directed to the product page. You can also choose “Open link in new tab/window/incognito window.” by right-clicking your mouse.
  5. Add the product to your cart or list.
  6. Make sure to buy the item before the deal expires.

You must purchase the item before the Costco ad expires. Otherwise, you’ll lose the potential savings and discounts.

You can also use the weekly ad for price comparisons or budgeting, as it already contains the product’s marked-down price.

How to Save While Shopping at Costco

Using the weekly ad or Members-Only savings deal page helps you save money because you avail of the Costco sales this week. However, it’s not the only way.

These are the other tips you can follow (and combine with the weekly ad) to save money:

1. Know When to Shop

It’s easy to stick to the habit of shopping when you remember, when it’s most convenient, or when you’re running out of necessities.

However, once you time your trips to Costco with the days when promos are launched or fresh products are restocked, you’ll realize how much savings you’ll make and what better quality products you’ll get.

But how do you know when to shop? Consider these days and times when scheduling your Costco trip: 

What Day Does Costco Mark Down Prices?

Every fourth Monday, Costco launches clearout sales where prices are marked down to help sell out stocked products. Hence, these days are dubbed Markdown Mondays. You can usually tell a product is part of the marked-down items as the price ends with .97.

Moreover, the sale isn’t limited to specific product types. Anything can get discounted, so if you’ve been eyeing a particular item at Costco, it’s worth your while to see if it’s been marked down for Markdown Monday.

Besides Markdown Mondays, Costco – like other stores – launches sales to celebrate holidays and seasons. For instance, you can expect some prices to be marked down for New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Black Friday, or summer.

When Does Costco Restock Products?

Costco restocks fresh products daily during the early morning (e.g., 1 AM to 4 AM). Thus, if you want to buy products while they’re new, go to Costco in the morning. At that time, you’re sure products are at their freshest, so you get the best value for your money.

What Is The Best Time To Avoid Crowds At Costco?

The best time to avoid crowds at Costco is midweek mornings (before 11 AM) or afternoons (between 3 PM and 5 PM). Most people are at work and won’t be at the store during these times. Thus, you can avoid lines and distractions that keep you from making better price comparisons and shopping decisions. 

2. Master the Costco Price Codes

Even with Markdown Mondays, Costco still offers clearance sales, discounts, and other deals every day. Some of them are promoted in the weekly ads and other promo flyers.

However, other clearance sales aren’t announced. Instead, you can only identify them based on the price codes:

Costco Price CodeMeaning 
.99¢, .49¢ .79¢, .89¢ or any .09¢ price endingsRegular product price
.97¢ price endingMarked down product price 
.88¢ and .00 price endingsManager Markdowns (marked down items that may have been slightly damaged, returned, or considered end-of-inventory)
* (asterisk)Item will not be restocked (has the chance of being marked down but not always)

3. Check Out Other Costco Promotional Offers

Costco’s Member-Only Savings deals are great, but they have these other promos on their website: 

  • Costco Next: This allows you to purchase directly from select brands at exclusive, low prices. 
  • While Supplies Last: You can quickly check which items are running out of stock using the While Supplies Last tab. Usually, they are marked down or offered at incredible deals. 
  • Treasure Hunt: These are limited edition items. They aren’t necessarily discounted and may even include some luxury items.
  • What’s New: If you’re interested in Costco’s newest items, they’re in this tab. Some are offered at discount prices or are available to members only.

You can get an email subscription if you don’t want to constantly check Costco’s website or surf the net for promos. Once you’ve signed up for it, you’ll regularly receive deals, offers, and other news from Costco. 


The Costco weekly ad, or Member-Only Savings (In-Warehouse & Online), is an easy-to-use online resource for avid shoppers. If you want savings, it’s a must-visit before every purchase at the warehouse or online platform. However, don’t stop there – you can save more by taking advantage of other tips, tricks, and promotional materials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Day of the Week is Best to Shop at Costco?

The best day to shop at Costco is Tuesday, as most people are at school or work. Thus, you can avoid competing for cashier lines, product samples, fresh stock, and marked-down items. However, if Tuesday is not feasible, Wednesday and Thursday are less crowded than other days.

Does Costco Do Coupons?

Costco accepts coupons but not the general manufacturer ones used at other stores. Instead, it makes its coupons and distributes them to members via mail as a booklet. They’re also known as Instant Savings and are automatically applied at the register, so no clipping is needed.

How Do I Subscribe to Costco Deals?

Two ways to subscribe to Costco deals are to sign up for an email subscription or become a member. You’ll receive news, updates, and promos in your inbox for the former. Meanwhile, members regularly receive Savings booklets at their mailing address, although they can opt out of that service.

Can I Go to Costco Without a Membership?

These are the common ways to go to Costco without a membership: use a Costco Shop Card, accompany a member, or shop online. The prepaid Shop Card lets you enter and pay. But as they’re only sold to members, you’ll need a friend or family to get you one first.

What Is the Cheapest Costco Membership?

The cheapest Costco membership is the Gold Star, which has an annual fee of $60. Technically, it’s the same price as the Business Membership; however, the Gold Star does not require resale information, so it’s easier for non-business owners to get one.

Is It Worth Getting the Executive Membership at Costco?

The Costco Executive Membership could be worth getting if you spend at least $500 per month or $6,000 per year. At that amount, you can profit from the annual 2% rebate. However, it’s worth noting that you can break even at $250 per month or $3,000 per year. 

How Do I Get a Free Costco Membership?

Costco does not offer free memberships. However, they have a Risk-Free 100% Satisfaction Guarantee policy that allows you to claim a refund if you want to cancel your membership due to dissatisfaction. You must talk with the membership or customer service team to process your refund.  


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