Sam’s Club Weekly Ad (11/29/23 – 12/26/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

In the fast-paced world of retail, savvy shoppers are always looking for ways to stretch their hard-earned dollars further. Sam’s Club, the renowned membership-based warehouse club, has long been a go-to destination for those seeking quality products at unbeatable prices. At the heart of Sam’s Club’s commitment to delivering exceptional value lies its ‘Instant Savings’ program. 

It is a gateway to a treasure trove of immediate discounts and exclusive offers. Whether you are a seasoned Sam’s Club member or considering joining, join us as we uncover the secrets behind this cost-saving phenomenon.

Sam’s Club Ad & Preview

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What is the Sam’s Club Weekly Ad?

Sam’s Club offers its weekly ad in the form of Instant Savings. “Sam’s Club Instant Savings” refers to a program or feature that provides members with immediate discounts on specific items at the time of purchase. 

These instant savings offers can vary weekly and encompass a wide range of products, including groceries, electronics, household goods, and more. The discounts are applied directly at the checkout, reducing the final price of the eligible items for Sam’s Club members. These deals and discounts can provide significant savings for members on various products.

What Makes Sam’s Club Instant Savings Unique?

The “Instant Savings” on Sam’s Club allows you to see all the deals in one place. Moreover, what makes them stand out from the rest of the competition is that you can click on different categories to see all the deals in that specific category. 

Gone are the days of tirelessly hunting for scattered deals across various pages. At Sam’s Club, convenience meets savings in a truly remarkable way. What sets this program apart from the competition is its unparalleled ability to offer a comprehensive overview of all available deals.

How to Use the Sam’s Club Weekly Ad to Your Advantage?

Sam’s Club offers “Instant Savings” in the form of ads that you can use to maximize your savings. Look at the following steps to get a better idea of how you can use Sam’s Instant Savings:

  • Open the Website: Start by opening the official Sam’s Club website. If you are not a member, you may need to sign up for a membership to access Instant Savings.
  • Search for Instant Savings: On the Sam’s Club homepage, you will likely find a prominent link or banner that directs you to the Instant Savings section
  • Browse the Instant Savings Offers: Once you are on the Instant Savings page, you will see a visual feast of deals across various categories. Scroll through the page to see the featured products and discounts. These offers are usually time-sensitive, so watch the expiration dates.
  • Click on Categories: To streamline your search, click on specific categories that interest you. Whether electronics, home goods, groceries, or something else, each type will reveal a curated selection of deals within that particular realm.
  • Choose Delivery Method: As you explore the deals, pay attention to the details, including product specifications, pricing, and delivery options. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose whether to have the items delivered to your doorstep or opt for in-store pickup.
  • See Reviews: It is essential to gauge the experiences of others who have purchased the same item. Look for user reviews and ratings associated with each product. This feedback can provide valuable insights into the quality and functionality of the product you are considering.

By following these steps, you will navigate the Sam’s Club Instant Savings ad easily and maximize its advantages.

Difference between Sam’s Club and Sam’s Club Plus

Sam’s ClubSam’s Club Plus 
Membership Fee per Year$50$110
Free Shipping Basic Membership members do not get to enjoy Free Shipping Sam’s Club Plus members get to enjoy the perks of free shipping 
Perks and BenefitsMembers have access to various benefits, including the ability to shop in-store and online, access to Instant Savings deals, and other members-only discounts.Plus Members enjoy all the basic membership benefits and gain additional advantages. These can include early shopping hours, extra savings on select prescription medications, and cash rewards on qualifying purchases.
Cash RewardsBasic members do not typically receive cash rewards on their purchases.Plus members can earn cash rewards on qualifying purchases. These rewards can accumulate over time and be redeemed for savings on future purchases.
Early Shopping HoursBasic members do not usually have access to early shopping hours.Plus membership members often have the benefit of early shopping hours, which means they can start their shopping before regular hours, giving them a more exclusive and convenient experience.
Pharmacy DiscountsBasic members do not have access to pharmacy services and prescription medications at discounted prices.Plus members may enjoy additional discounts on select prescription medications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sam’s Club have ads?

Yes, Sam’s Club does have advertisements and promotional campaigns. Like many retailers, Sam’s Club uses various advertising strategies to promote its products, services, and special offers to its customers. 

For instance, Sam’s Club might promote its Instant Savings deals through online banners or on its website. You will also see these “Instant Savings” deals in targeted email campaigns, social media posts, and other advertising channels. Remember that advertisements can vary over time and across different regions. Thus, visiting the official Sam’s Club website or subscribing to their email newsletters is a good idea.

What is the most expensive Sam’s Club membership?

The most expensive Sam’s Club membership is the “Sam’s Club Plus” membership which is $110 per year. This premium membership tier offered additional benefits and perks compared to the basic membership. 

Does Sam’s Club take coupons?

According to a FAQ on the official website, Sam’s Club does not generally accept manufacturers’ or competitors’ coupons. Instead, they offer convenience and value through their Sam’s Club Instant Savings program. This program automatically applies discounts at checkout, eliminating the need for physical coupon clipping or cutting. Additionally, they mention accepting Vendor Checks from specific products like Enfamil, Similac, or Purina.

Is it worth it to get Sam’s Club Plus?

Whether Sam’s Club Plus membership is worth depends on your shopping habits, preferences, and how you plan to use the additional benefits it offers. Here are some factors to consider when deciding if Sam’s Club Plus is worth it for you:

  • If you frequently shop at Sam’s Club, the added benefits of Sam’s Club Plus could provide substantial savings over time. The early shopping hours and potential cash rewards can be precious if you visit the store often.
  • If you value the convenience of shopping before regular hours, Sam’s Club Plus membership might be worth it. This feature can allow you to avoid crowds and have a more relaxed shopping experience.
  • If you expect to make significant purchases at Sam’s Club throughout the year, the cash rewards offered to Plus members are worth investing in. 
  • If you or your family require prescription medications, the additional prescription savings for Plus members could lead to substantial savings over time.
  • Consider the annual membership fee for Sam’s Plus and compare it to the potential savings and benefits you will receive. Calculate whether the benefits you plan to use will outweigh the extra cost.

If the benefits align with your shopping habits, the upgraded membership could be worth the investment.

Can I use someone else’s Sam’s card?

No, you can not use someone else’s Sam’s Card due to security reasons. However, Sam’s Club does offer an add-on membership card to any household member who is above the age of eighteen. 


Sam’s Club has redefined the shopping experience by offering two distinct avenues to maximize savings and convenience: Sam’s Club Instant Savings and the Sam’s Club Plus membership. The fusion of these offerings showcases the retailer’s commitment to delivering unparalleled value to its members.

With Sam’s Club Instant Savings, the days of coupon clipping are replaced by an effortless way to unlock discounts. Whether you are exploring electronics, household essentials, or other shopping departments, the convenience of Instant Savings enhances your shopping journey.