Academy Sports + Outdoors Weekly Ad (10/30/23 – 12/24/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

Avid campers and outdoors folks know that the place to find the best gear is Academy Sports + Outdoors. This Texas-based chain has been selling sporting goods since 1938, so with over 80 years of history, it has undoubtedly built a name for itself.

If you frequent any of the chain’s locations, taking advantage of the Academy Sports + Outdoors Weekly Ad is always a great idea. It showcases some of the best money-saving deals at the moment. 

Academy Sports + Outdoors Ad & Preview

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What is the Academy Sports + Outdoors Weekly Ad?

The weekly ad is one of the most popular promotional materials from Academy Sports + Outdoors. It is available online and compiles sales announcements, limited product deals, and other irresistible promos in one place. 

Having all those offers in one place benefits both customers and the store. The Academy Sports + Outdoors ad allows consumers to see and purchase select products at their best prices.   

What Makes the Academy Sports + Outdoors Weekly Ad Unique? 

The concept of a weekly ad is not unique to Academy Sports + Outdoors. Many stores have it, especially grocery or supermarket chains. 

However, a few elements make the Academy Sports + Outdoors sales ad stand out from the crowd. For one, it does not require a special membership to enjoy the deals. That’s in contrast to the many supermarkets that need you to have a loyalty card or account to take advantage of the promos. 

Another thing that makes this ad unique is that not all offers are for a week only. While there are Academy Sports + Outdoors deals this week being featured, there are also promos that last two weeks. Moreover, the ad itself can last more than a week! 

That’s excellent news, as you have more time to purchase the fantastic product you saw in the ad. But don’t be complacent – it might run out before expiration, so it’s best to strike while the iron’s hot, so they say. 

How to Use the Academy Sports + Outdoors Weekly Ad

Here’s how you can navigate and use the Academy Sports + Outdoors flyer or ad:

  1. Open the Academy Sports + Outdoors website. 
  2. Select Today’s Deals on the navigation menu. (The store also calls their weekly ad Today’s Deals.)
  3. Use the scrollbar, up-and-down keys, or mouse scroller to go up and down the weekly ad. 
  4. If there’s an offer you’re interested in, click on the product. A sidebar will pop out, which may contain the product ratings, promo period, terms and conditions, and the Shop Now button.  
  5. You can purchase the promoted product online by clicking the Shop Now button. It will redirect you to the product page, where you can order the item. 
  6. The weekly ad may advertise a clearance sale at the top of the page. You can also click on it to be redirected to the corresponding page. 

Remember that not all offers in the ad expire on the same date; thus, you must check individually for the expiration. 

How to Save While Shopping at Academy Sports + Outdoors

Taking advantage of the Academy Sports + Outdoors sales this week is one way to save money when buying sports or outdoor gear. But there are other ways, and you should know of them:

1. Shop from Clearance Sales

As an avid shopper knows, hitting the clearance rack is one of the best ways to find wonderful products without breaking the bank. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss the Academy Sports + Outdoors clearance sales.

From shoes to handgun ammunition, you can find them on the clearance sales page. Some of them even come with free shipping! 

If there’s no free shipping for a particular product, there are still other promos you can apply, and they’re featured on the side of the screen. For instance, if you sign in, you can get free shipping for a $25 order. Another offer is if you sign up with your email, you can get 10% or up to $200 off your order.

2. Use the Hunt Guide 

You’ll love Academy Sports + Outdoors Hunt Guide if you’re a regular hunter. It works similarly to a weekly ad, but all the products are hunting-related. 

Thus, there’s a wide selection of shooting guns, gun cases, ammunition, tripods, binoculars, crossbows, tents, chairs, and more. Basically, they’re the things you’ll need to go camping and hunting. 

Best of all, the Hunt Guide promos aren’t for only a week or two. Some of them are even valid for four months! 

Thus, while there isn’t an Academy Sports + Outdoors monthly ad, the Hunt Guide is as good as one, maybe even better. 

3. Search and Apply Coupons 

There is an abundance of Academy Sports + Outdoors coupons. Here are where you can find them:

  • News sites – CNN, LA Times, and CNET are some of the few news sites that feature store coupons, including those from Academy Sports + Outdoors. 
  • Newsletter – With just an email address, you can subscribe to the store’s newsletter. It may feature some exclusive coupons and other exciting news or deals. 
  • Text messages – It’s unique that Academy Sports + Outdoors connects with its customers through text, but they do that. Moreover, if you sign up for the text messages, you may receive coupons, along with other promo announcements. 

4. Consider Price Matching

There’s no better way to save money than to buy a product at its lowest price. One way to ensure you snag the cheapest option is to price match, which you can do with Academy Sports + Outdoors.

Price match refers to asking a retailer to match a competitor’s lower price. For instance, if the competitor sells Brand X shoes at $20, the store that can price match can give the same shoes to you at the same price. 

However, Academy Sports + Outdoors does more than just match the price. They even beat it by 5%! Thus, instead of paying $20 for the shoes, you can get it for $19. 

To price match at Academy Sports + Outdoors, here’s what you should do:

  1. Ensure you meet the price match conditions. 
  2. Present proof of competitor price (e.g., a printed or digital copy of the competitor store ad).
  3. Present the proof to an associate (if in-store) or to the Customer Service Team (if online).
  4. Validation of price will be done before the 5% reduction is applied. 

Products for price matching must also meet these conditions:

  • Competitor store is part of the list posted on Academy Sports + Outdoors website
  • Product is in-stock
  • The product is identical to the one Academy Sports + Outdoors have
  • The competitor’s price is valid and current 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Locations Does Academy Sports and Outdoors Have?

Academy Sports and Outdoors has around 280 locations across the United States. Most of its branches are in Texas, with the state hosting 111 of them (plus the headquarters in Houston) as of 2023. The company was also established there, specifically in San Antonio, in 1938.  

Who Owns Academy Sports + Outdoors?

In 2011, Academy Sports + Outdoors was acquired by an investment firm known as Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR). As of 2023, the same company still owns the chain. 

However, before its acquisition, Academy Sports + Outdoors was a family-run business by the Gochmans. Indeed, the company is proud to trace its roots to Max Gochman, who opened a tire shop in San Antonio in 1938. 

What Are the Primary Target Markets for Academy Sports + Outdoors?

Academy Sports + Outdoors primarily targets athletes and outdoorspeople of all ages. They can get various sporting gear, as well as hunting and fishing equipment, from the chain. The company also aims to provide those products at their most affordable prices. 

How Do I Get Free Shipping on Academy Sports?

Academy Sports + Outdoors offers free shipping on orders worth $25 and above as long as the customer signs in. If you do not sign in, you can still get free shipping, but the minimum order is $35.

Note that the minimum amounts refer to the value of the products pre-tax. It also only applies to standard shipping. Moreover, not all items qualify for free shipping, as you cannot use free shipping on products such as firearms and ammunition. 

Does Academy Sports Ever Have Coupons?

Academy Sports + Outdoors offers many coupons for its customers to enjoy. Many of these vouchers are prominently promoted on the website, such as 10% off purchase for an email sign-up. 

Meanwhile, you can find other coupons through the company’s newsletter and text messages. They may also be featured on news sites.  

Where Did Academy Sports Come From?

Academy Sports originated in San Antonio, Texas, as the Academy Tire Shop by Max Gochman. In 1973, his son, Arthur, bought Southern Surplus Sales. Max and Arthur’s stores are the foundation of present-day Academy Sports + Outdoors. Notably, the current name was only established in 1995.