Kroger Money Center: Hours and Services

By Dawn Carter

These days, a lot of people rely at the services offered by Kroger Money Services. If you can do it all right where you do your grocery shopping, it’s truly fascinating. After all, Kroger Money Center can help whether you need a money order to make a payment, cash a check, or when you need to send cash through Western Union. Usually, Kroger money services are open the same hours as your local store.

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What is the Kroger Money Services?

The Kroger Money Services is Kroger’s own in-store financial center that offers cash checks, money transfer and pay bills while shopping for your groceries. By taking advantage of their services, you can enjoy daily low prices with your Shopper’s Card, take advantage of various transfer alternatives when sending money and save even more with digital coupons.

What are the Kroger Money Services Hours?

The Kroger money center hours are between 7:00 AM and 8:00 AM seven days a week and that is the similar hours as your local store. In addition, stores generally close, along with the money services, at 10:00 PM. Aside from that, they extend their operating hours. If you want to know the operating hours of the nearest store, you can follow the following steps.

  • Type your ZIP Code (displayed as ——>)

  • Select your nearest store (displayed as ——>)

  • Click Find Out More (displayed as ——>)

  • Check the Money Services Hours (displayed as ——>)

However, you need to check before visiting since operating hours can change by store and with the holidays. By checking, you can see an updated announcement about their operating hours at the top portion of their site.

What services are available?

Kroger Money Center offers a lot of in-store financial services such as Cash Checks, Offers and Coupons, Pay Bills and more.

  • Send Money. Through Western Union, you can send and receive money with Kroger Money Services. In addition, you can transfer money to more than 200 countries worldwide within minutes or choose Next Day delivery. At Kroger, you can also collect a transfer.
  • Bill Pay. First and foremost, your carrier should be one of the 15,000 billers the grocers work with in order to take advantage of their service. With that, it is convenient for you to pay your electric, gas, cable, and cell phone bill at Kroger. For some bills, same-day payment is available. However, this is not applicable to all. In case you don’t see your biller on the list provided, another option is to seek help from an associate. Aside from that, you can also receive discounts on these services with your Shopper’s Card.
  • Money Orders. Another remarkable service offered by the Kroger Money Centre is for you to buy money orders at Kroger, up to $1,000. The payment starts at $0.69 per money order. Take note of this since you can just buy more than one money order in case it is necessary.
  • Cash Checks. Interestingly, Kroger will cash your payroll, government, tax refund, business, and insurance settlement checks up to $5,000 and it includes no started, personal, or third-party checks. In order to fully enjoy this service, you have to take note of some essential details. First, shoppers with a Kroger Shopper’s Card will also get a deal on check-cashing fees. Second, there is a $3 charge for checks up to $2,000. Third, checks between $2,000.01 and $5,000 will cost $5.50 to cash. Fourth, you’ll need to present identification such as state ID, a valid driver’s license, military ID, Matricula Consular ID, or Resident Alien ID.
  • No Contract Wireless. You can also opt for their no contracts or credit checks, no activation fees, with plans from $9.99 offer.
  • Offers and Coupons. It is even more exciting to use offers and coupons because you can save even more if you download and use their exclusive Money Services Coupons.
  • Prepaid Cards. Why not obtain a new Prepaid Card with them? In case you will get a new Prepaid Card, it is easy and convenient at Kroger Money Services. In addition, the Kroger Rewards Prepaid Visa card allows you to earn rewards points towards FREE groceries and fuel discounts with the added convenience, flexibility and security in order for you to get things done. Who wouldn’t want such perks and privileges?

How to contact?

Basically, you can call your local Kroger Money Center for additional questions and clarifications about their services and fees. In order to locate a local store, you can check

How to Find Your Local Kroger Money Center’s Phone Number

  • Type your ZIP Code (displayed as ——>)

  • Select your nearest store (displayed as ——>)

  • Click Find Out More (displayed as ——>)

  • Check Phone Number of the local store (displayed as ——>)

How to Find Your Local Kroger Money Center’s Email Address

If you will check the website of Kroger Money Center, you will not find an Email Address. However, you can opt to write Customer Comments by filling up the form embedded on their website. By doing this, you will have an option to get a reply through email. Interestingly, this is helpful if you’re comfortable writing your comments about their products and services, Just follow the following steps.

  • Click Submit it with this form (displayed as ——>)

  • Select By Email (displayed as ——>)

  • Click please select a topic (displayed as ——>)

  • Select a topic that you would like to discuss (displayed as ——>)

  • Write your comments (displayed as ——>)

How to Find the Kroger Money Center In-Store

  • In order to find the Kroger Money Center In-Store, check it near the entrance next to the other in-store service centers such as the Returns Section and the Customer Service Section.