CVS Pharmacy Weekly Ad (12/17/23 – 12/23/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

“Health is wealth,” but that doesn’t mean you always have to spend more for it. CVS Pharmacy – one of the US’ largest retail pharmacy chains – regularly offers fantastic promos so you can save while shopping for your health. 

Most of these promos are compiled in the CVS Pharmacy weekly ad, which is easy to access and use. As you keep reading, you’ll learn more about it and how to save money at CVS Pharmacy.   

CVS Pharmacy Ad & Preview

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What Is A CVS Pharmacy Weekly Ad?

The CVS in CVS Pharmacy may stand for Consumer Value Stores or “Convenience, Value, and Service.” Either way, the word “value” is present. But how do you get the most value at CVS Pharmacy? 

It’s easy – use the weekly ad. It’s a promotional material that’s updated regularly and features the CVS Pharmacy deals this week. 

These are some of the promos you can expect in the CVS Pharmacy ad: 

  • Mix & Match or Buy One Get One (BOGO)
  • Spend $XX, Get $XX ExtraBucks Rewards
  • Digital Coupon 
  • Card-Exclusive Perks or Deals 
  • Mystery Offer 

Most of the deals don’t indicate the product’s final price. Instead, they’ll only show these:

  • Photo of the product
  • Type of deal
  • Value of the deal 
  • Promo conditions 

These offers are good for one week only, and there’s no way to know if they’ll be available again next week as there is no CVS Pharmacy monthly ad. Instead, you can check every Sunday – when the weekly ad is usually updated – to see new offers or old deals being renewed. 

What Makes the CVS Pharmacy Weekly Ad Unique? 

The weekly ad of CVS Pharmacy is similar to several other weekly ads. For instance, you can print the weekly ad, so it’s like a traditional CVS Pharmacy flyer. 

However, you’ll find that it’s better online, as it’s more interactive. Indeed, its interface makes it unique because while most weekly ads do not have an embedded “Find it quick!” menu, the CVS Pharmacy sales ad has one. 

With the “Find it quick!” menu, it’s easier to navigate or find the promos you like. Moreover, you won’t have to waste time scrolling through other deals you don’t need or won’t apply to you.  

How to Use the CVS Pharmacy Weekly Ad

This is how you can use the weekly ad to find CVS Pharmacy sales this week:

  1. Become an ExtraCare member. 
  2. Open the CVS Pharmacy website. 
  3. Click on the Savings & Memberships tab. 
  4. Select Weekly Ad. 
  5. On the weekly ad page, you can use your scroller or up and down buttons to view all the deals. 
  6. You can use the “Find it quick!” menu on the top of the weekly ad to proceed to specific sections. Just click on the name of the section you want to visit. 
  7. If you want to return to the menu, click the “Find it quick!” icons. 
  8. To find more details about a particular deal, click on it. The information will appear on the sidebar. 
  9. If you want to grab the deal, click the “Shop Now” button. Doing so will direct you to the online shop page, where you can select and check out products. 
  10. Some coupons also have a “Send to card” button which adds the deal to your ExtraCare card to use online. 
  11. Remember that these deals are for a limited time only. They must be redeemed before expiry.

The weekly ad indicates the specific period for which the deals are valid. Take note of the expiration date to know when to grab the deals you like. Moreover, ensure you meet the promo’s conditions to redeem them. 

How to Save Money at CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy helps customers get the best value for their money by setting up loyalty programs, memberships, points, and other incentives. If used wisely, all those can help you save a lot. 

But how do you even take advantage of all those programs? Here are a few tips you can start with: 

1. Get an ExtraCare Card 

The weekly ad is jam-packed with great deals, but they’re all for naught if you don’t even have a CVS Pharmacy ExtraCare Card. 

ExtraCare is the chain’s loyalty program, and besides being able to enjoy the weekly ad deals, here are its other benefits:

  • Receive $3 ExtraBucks for your birthday
  • Earn back 2% of your qualifying purchases’ value as ExtraBucks 
  • Get up to $50 ExtraBucks for prescriptions, inviting members, flu shots, and more

Most of the ExtraCare perks come in the form of ExtraBucks. Later, you can use them to pay for purchases, so you save money! 

Thus, always carry your card when you shop at a CVS Pharmacy branch or link your ExtraCare card to your online account. Without the physical or linked card, you won’t earn the points or be able to enjoy the ExtraCare member-exclusive deals. 

2. Become a CarePass Member 

The ExtraCare program offers many perks, but if you want to take your CVS Pharmacy shopping experience a notch higher, you should become a CarePass Member. 

Although CarePass is a paid membership program, you’ll quickly discover that you get so much more than the $5 you pay monthly. For instance, you’re already profiting with the $10 monthly promo reward! 

Besides the $10, here are other things you can have as a CarePass member:

  • 20% off CVS Health products 
  • Free shipping or delivery
  • 24/7 Pharmacist Helpline

When you combine the CarePass benefits with ExtraCare perks, imagine how much you save every year! 

3. Utilize Coupons 

As with other stores, CVS Pharmacy accepts store and manufacturer coupons. Indeed, the weekly ad features some of them. Best of all – you can stack them! 

If you’re shopping online, you can clip or “send to card” the store coupon so you can use it. However, ensure that the coupon you want applies to online purchases. Some of these vouchers are specific only to physical stores or online shopping. 

Meanwhile, print the coupons beforehand if you’re going to a CVS Pharmacy branch. If you don’t have a printer, you can search for a coupon kiosk inside the pharmacy. When you provide your phone number or ExtraCare card or barcode, it will print some store coupons.

Once you have your printed coupons, bring them to the counter with your purchases. Ensure they are scanned so they are applied, and you get your savings.   

4. Pay with ExtraBucks

As mentioned, you can pay with ExtraBucks! Thus, if you’ve accumulated many of those from previous shopping trips, apply them to your next purchase. 

However, before spending your ExtraBucks, you must earn them first. As mentioned, you can get 2% of the qualifying purchase amount as ExtraBucks if you are an ExtraCare member. However, to get more, check the weekly ad and find deals that specify Get $XX ExtraBucks Rewards. 

Once you have enough ExtraBucks, you can use them like cash! Savvy shoppers combine them with coupons and weekly deals, so they spend less and save more! 

Some would even divide their purchase, so they get ExtraBucks for the first payment and use the earned Extrabucks for the next. However, if you don’t roll your ExtraBucks, ask for a digital receipt. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is the 98 Rule at CVS?

The 98 Rule at CVS Pharmacy allows customers to earn ExtraBucks rewards, even if they spend only 98% of the declared spending requirement. For instance, If the promo indicated “Spend $30, Get $10 ExtraBucks”, customers only need to spend $29.4 to earn the $10 ExtraBucks. 

Why Is CVS Charging Me $5 A Month?

CVS may have been charging you $5 monthly because you’re a CarePass member. As a program member, your payment entitles you to rewards, discounts, free shipping or delivery, and other perks. However, if you don’t want to pay, you can cancel the membership via a customer service call or online. 

Is The CVS CarePass Worth It?

The CVS CarePass is most worth it when you spend at least $10 at CVS Pharmacies, so the monthly reward is used. It’s especially beneficial if you often have orders delivered to your place or have to buy medications or other similar products frequently. 

What Day Of The Week Do CVS Sales Start?

CVS Pharmacy’s weekly sales usually start on a Sunday. Thus, weekly ads are updated every Sunday and are valid until Saturday. However, if you want to prepare for your shopping trip, check the Internet for weekly ad previews so you know in advance what deals are being offered and when they last. 

What Is the CVS Loyalty Program?

The CVS loyalty program is ExtraCare, which allows members to earn ExtraBucks for purchases and entitles them to weekly ad deals. The ExtraBucks can be accumulated and used as payment for future purchases. 

How Much Is CVS Annual Fee?

The CVS CarePass program costs $5 per month, but you can get it for an annual fee of $48. That’s equivalent to $4 per month; thus, if you opt for an annual instead of a monthly fee, you’ll save $12 per year. 

Does CVS Take Expired Coupons?

CVS Pharmacy’s policy states that they do not take expired coupons. They also will not accept the voucher if it’s been copied, scanned, altered, or prohibited by law. Also, the coupon barcode can’t be scanned if you’re showing it from a mobile screen; thus, print it beforehand or use the coupon kiosk. 

Does CVS Have Black Friday Deals?

CVS offers Black Friday deals. Previous ones were valid for a week and one day (i.e., Sunday to Sunday). However, there’s no assurance that the same sales duration will be implemented for this or future years.