IKEA Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

By Dawn Carter

IKEA Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are right around the corner! It’s an excellent time to change up your home decor for the holidays. Think about it; functional and uniquely designed furniture and fixtures at a low price are incredible.

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As a leading retailer of homewares, expect a wide range of stylish options and substantial discounts. And if you get hungry while shopping, the IKEA food court is the perfect break. 

If you love window shopping at IKEA, Black Friday might be your chance to shop your faves and save more! 

Does IKEA Have Black Friday?

Every year IKEA offers massive discounts to shoppers on Black Friday. However, last year the mega retailer decided to join Green Friday by promoting its Buyback and Resell scheme. As a result, shoppers were able to get 50% off new items when they returned IKEA products. 

If you have old furniture and other items you originally bought from IKEA, you will get 50% of your money back. However, you need to fulfill these three conditions;

Know the items you can sell

Hard furnishings such as tables and chairs are acceptable. It’s important that they’re from IKEA. You will also be able to sell;

  • Drawer units
  • Cabinets
  • Cupboards
  • Desks
  • Shelving

Every Item Must Be in Good Condition

Any item you want to resell must be in good condition.

  • Each product must be assembled
  • Each product must not be modified; you must return them exactly as you bought them. 

You Don’t Need a Receipt

Everyone can benefit from IKEA’s Green Friday because you don’t have to worry about losing the original receipt to resell your furniture. Last year, shoppers could only cash out with items that were bought less than 7 years ago. However, the retailer has announced the acceptance of older items; check out the official website to find out the dates. 

When is IKEA Black Friday Sale? 

IKEA Black Friday 2023 sale will be on the official date, which is November 24th. Unlike other retailers that prefer to roll out deals at the start of November or late October, this retailer keeps it traditional. Last year, shoppers could get amazing discounts online on Thanksgiving day.

How Long is IKEA Black Friday?

Similar to many retailers, Black Friday at IKEA lasts until Cyber Monday. During this time, you will find up to 50% discounts on numerous items. From appliances, kitchenware, and even holiday decorations, you get the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals at IKEA.

To learn how to save more, check out the next set of hacks. 

Saving Hacks for shopping at IKEA on Black Friday

There are many ways to save off IKEA Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals;

  1. Ask For a Price Adjustment 

You can get a price adjustment for items you purchased 90 days prior to the Black Friday sale. Unlike most retailers that offer a two-week duration, 90 days is ample time to profit from it.

  1. Consider IKEA Last-Chance Items

Every item with a yellow tag is usually a last-chance item and will fly off the shelves quickly. They often have up to a 50% discount, so you will need to act fast before it disappears.

  1. Get an IKEA Credit Card

IKEA credit cards allow you to save even more on different products. You can choose between the IKEA Visa and Projekt credit cards, both offering unique benefits and perks. 

The IKEA Visa credit card allows you to earn up to 5% back in IKEA rewards on everything you buy, including food and drinks. The Project credit card, on the other hand, offers you a low promotional rate to pay for a big IKEA purchase over time. 

  1. Check Out The IKEA As-Is Section

In the IKEA as-is section, you will find returned and slightly damaged items on sale with as much as a 60% discount. It’s difficult to miss when you walk into your local IKEA and you might find the perfect piece at a steal. 

  1. Join The IKEA Family

As a member of the IKEA family, you’re entitled to numerous benefits including price protection for 90 days, free coffee, free meals, and others. In addition, exclusive access to certain products and services on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

What Are The Best IKEA Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals? 

IKEA Black Friday sales always have massive deals such as furniture, light fixtures, holiday decorations, and many more. Last year, shoppers enjoyed amazing deals;

  • 50% off luxury wing chairs
  • 50% off table lamps with LED lights
  • 20% off multipurpose beds
  • 50% off Bluetooth speakers 
  • 50% off TV units 
  • 25% of all desserts
  • 3 sparkling wines for $6.99

You can also find some of the top IKEA Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals when you sign up for notifications. 


What is the IKEA Family? 

IKEA Family is a free membership program that offers you different benefits to improve your shopping experience. For instance, a free hot drink whenever you visit any IKEA store. 

You’re also eligible for other perks, 

  • 90-day price protection which entitles you to a price adjustment 
  • Member-only discounts for specific products
  • Personalized shopping experience 
  • Free birthday surprise
  • Every receipt automatically saved to your profile
  • Free hot coffee/tea whenever you shop in person 
  • An opportunity to win a $100 gift card on each visit 
  • Free workshops, DIY, and design events

Should I Sign Up for IKEA Mails? 

An excellent way to get new updates is to sign up for IKEA emails. Aside from Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, you can also gain early access to IKEA promo codes. 

Is IKEA busy on Black Friday?

IKEA Black Friday 2023 will likely be busy because many shoppers look forward to getting amazing deals all day. However, there are fewer queues on Cyber Monday, along with even more incredible discounts.

Does IKEA Have Curbside Pickup? 

If you prefer the curbside pickup feature, IKEA Click and Collect is an excellent alternative. When you shop online, you get to choose the time and location closest to you for a pickup. It could be a local IKEA store, a local store, or an external PDP.