HomeGoods Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

By Dawn Carter

Can we agree that HomeGoods Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are the best? Think about your purchases last year and you probably shopped from this mega retailer.

HomeGoods is easily one of the top 10 budget-friendly retailers available; from its wealth of choice to the unexpected finds, you’re always in for a treat. Also, what’s great is that the shelves always have limited quantities of specific items. Thus, encouraging a “grab it while you can” attitude for all shoppers.

If you’re looking to shop seasonal decorations, accent chairs, or unique home sets this Black Friday, it’s time to sign up for HomeGoods alerts. 

Does HomeGoods Have a Black Friday Sale?

HomeGoods is a fantastic retailer but it doesn’t necessarily offer steep markdowns in Black Friday. However, you will find small 20% discounts on different types of products. It’s important to understand that HomeGoods usually offer cheaper prices compared to several other retailers.

As a result, you won’t find doorbuster deals and major markdowns at HomeGoods. But, you will be able to get through your shopping list at discounted prices.

When is HomeGoods Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday 2023 falls on November 24th, which is the same for HomeGoods. During this time, you can shop for everything from appliances and furniture to Christmas decorations at low prices. So whether it’s your favorite coffee maker or a fancy Christmas sheath, you can get it for less than $50.

An important thing to keep in mind is that products fly off the shelves every Black Friday. For instance, the HomeGoods decor section offers holiday decor for as low as $10.

What Time Does HomeGoods Open on Black Friday? 

HomeGoods open by 7 a.m on Black Friday. However, you can shop online hours prior to avoid missing out on some incredible products. 

When is Cyber Monday at HomeGoods?

Cyber Monday at HomeGoods is on November 27th. 

Top Items To Buy at HomeGoods on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023

Many shoppers spend hours browsing the aisles at HomeGoods because of the variety. As attractive as the products are, it can be difficult to choose the right products especially when shopping online.

Here’s some of the best items to buy at HomeGoods this Black Friday;

  1. Beddings

It may not seem like the most interesting item to be on your shopping list but bedding is necessary. HomeGoods stock up on quality sheets for budget-friendly prices. You can also shop for bedding with high-grade synthetic fibers which is also a great alternative.

  1. Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are the ultimate decor piece but are usually very expensive. HomeGoods have a wide selection of throw pillows in a variety of shapes and colors. On Black Friday, these pillows can retail for as low as $15-$20.

  1. Wine Glasses 

Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are incomplete without the perfect glassware. Get them for under $5 at HomeGoods this season.

  1. Seasonal Decor

If there’s one thing HomeGoods online shopping is good for, it’s unique holiday decorations. You will find several options that match your style.

  1. Light Fixtures

The perfect lighting can transform your home from drab to fab. HomeGoods Black Friday sale is the perfect time to get different fixtures. Whether it’s for the ceiling, tables, or walls, you will find good options.

Since many items at HomeGoods don’t spend a lot of time on the shelves.

Here are 3 tips to shop for HomeGoods Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

  1. New Shipment By Noon

If you usually shop very early, you might want to try something different this Black Friday. HomeGoods typically roll in new products in the afternoon, so if you want unique items, be patient but quick!

  1. 10% Off Damaged Items

For products with slight damage, you’ll get a  10% discount. Deduct that from the Black Friday markdown and you get an amazing offer.

  1. Use The HomeGoods App

The app is an excellent way to ascertain what’s available at the closest HomeGoods to your location. Instead of searching “HomeGoods near me” on Google, download the app and you can get real-time photos of the products available. 

How About The HomeGoods Credit Card? 

HomeGoods offers shoppers the TJX Rewards card to improve their shopping experiences with incredible perks and benefits. There are three different rewards cards;

  • TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard
  • TJX Rewards Credit Card
  • TJX Rewards World MasterCard

You qualify for a TJX Rewards Credit card when you have an average credit score of at least 620. You can only use the credit card at TJX stores such as Home Goods, Sierra, Home Sense, Marshalls, and T.J. Maxx.

With the TJX Rewards Credit Card, you get;

  • 5% cash back on all purchases
  • $10 reward certificate for every 1,000 points you gain
  • 10% off your first purchase


Do HomeGoods open on Thanksgiving? 

Home Goods will not be open on Thanksgiving day. Also, you may not be able to order online as well. Fortunately, HomeGoods hours are extended on Black Friday which gives you enough time to shop comfortably. 

Do HomeGoods Give Discounts?

There are several ways HomeGoods offer discounts to shoppers. From clearance sales to promo codes and coupons, you can only find them on the website. To unlock even more discounts, consider getting the TJX rewards credit card before Black Friday. 

How Much is the HomeGoods Credit Card?

The TJX Rewards credit card is free. As long as you have an average credit score of at least 620, you can own one. Simply apply for one either in-store or online. 

Does HomeGoods offer Free Shipping?

HomeGoods occasionally offers free shipping coupons and promo codes on the website. You are eligible for a free shipping coupon for purchases over $119. Other than that, the standard rates and different shipping options will remain valid.