Family Dollar Weekly Ad (12/10/23 – 12/16/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

In this economy, every household is looking for great deals and incredible savings on everyday essentials. If you also belong to one of those families, you have come to the right place. By continuing, you will walk through some fantastic features and benefits that Family Dollar’s weekly ads offer. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a bargain hunter, a budget-conscious shopper, or someone just looking to make the most of their hard-earned money; Family Dollar has something for everyone. From unbeatable discounts to special promotions on your favorite brands, Family Dollar weekly ads can become your way to smart shopping. 

Family Dollar Ad & Preview

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What is the Family Dollar Weekly Ad?

The Family Dollar Weekly Ad is a promotional flyer or circular that the Family Dollar store chain releases weekly. It is a powerful tool for the store and its customers, showcasing the latest deals, discounts, and special offers available in their stores for a specific week. These ads typically feature various products from various categories, such as groceries, household items, beauty products, apparel, electronics, and more.

Each weekly ad highlights the following key features:

  • Buy one or two to get one free 
  • $X off on two or three products 
  • Smart coupons 
  • On Sale products 
  • Back to school basic products on sale 

The discounts may vary from store to store based on their location and inventory. Moreover, the ad is valid only for the specified week. 

What Makes Family Dollar Weekly Ads Unique?

Family Dollar Weekly Ads stand out for many reasons, but one unique feature that draws significant attention is their exceptional Back-to-School deals. As the new school year approaches, Family Dollar gears up to provide parents, students, and educators with unbeatable discounts on essential school supplies. This makes going back-to-school shopping a breeze.

During the back-to-school season, Family Dollar’s Weekly Ads feature many school supplies. You will find notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, calculators, backpacks, lunch boxes, and more. During this time, customers can find incredible discounts, enabling them to stretch their dollars and save significantly on school essentials. 

You will also find well-known and trusted brands among discounted school supplies that ensure reliable items to support your studies.

The Average Amount of $S a Person Saves When Shopping With Family Dollar

Look at the following table to get a better idea of how much a person can save on average when making the Family Dollar its priority. 

Department Average Savings per month 
Paper$20 Savings per month 
Storewide$20 Savings Per Month
Laundry $28 Savings per month 
Cleaning$29 Savings per month 
Food and Beverage $19 Savings per month 

How to Use the Family Dollar Weekly Ad?

Using the Family Dollar Weekly Ad is a straightforward process that can help you maximize your savings and plan your shopping trips effectively. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of Family Dollar’s Weekly Ads:

  • Visit the Family Dollar website or use their mobile app to access the latest Weekly Ad. 
  • Once you have the Weekly Ad in front of you, take some time to browse through the pages. 
  • Look for the items you need or products that catch your interest. Pay attention to the discounted prices, special offers, and other promotions mentioned in the ad.
  • Each Weekly Ad has specific validity dates indicating when the deals are active. Make sure to note the start and end dates of the current ad to plan your shopping accordingly.
  • Create a shopping list based on the deals and discounts you want to purchase.
  • If you have any manufacturer’s coupons or digital coupons, you can stack these with the Weekly Ad deals. 
  • Head to your nearest Family Dollar store during the valid dates of the Weekly Ad. When you are ready to pay, show the cashier the items you have chosen from the Weekly Ad. They will apply the corresponding discounts to your purchase.

Following these steps, you can efficiently use the Family Dollar Weekly Ad to save money and enjoy a satisfying shopping experience.

How to Maximize the Savings While Shopping at Family Dollar 

  • Join the Smart Coupons Program

Hundreds of savings are waiting for you if you join the Smart Coupon program of Family Dollar. Family Dollar offers a Smart Coupons program, allowing you to clip coupons and save even more on your digital purchases. 

All you need to do is to clip the coupon digitally into your cart. The next step includes scanning the app barcode at the store checkout. It will help redeem your coupons to lower the total amount of your shopping bill. If you have not already, consider signing up for this program for additional savings.

  • Shop from Combo Stores

When you shop at Combo Stores like Family Dollar and Dollar Tree, you can save extra and enjoy the best of both worlds. With two fantastic stores under one roof, you get access to a wide range of products to meet your family’s needs. Moreover, you can enjoy the exciting offerings in seasonal, party, and crafting supplies. 

Combo Stores of Family Dollar alongside Dollar Tree offer incredible deals and discounts on everyday essentials, budget-friendly groceries, and items for special occasions. Take advantage of the convenience and affordability these stores provide, and embark on a shopping experience like no other.

  • Pet Supplies 

Buying pet supplies from Family Dollar can indeed help you maximize savings. Family Dollar is known for offering a wide range of products at budget-friendly prices, and its pet supply section is no exception. From pet food to toys and grooming products, you can find cost-effective options to meet your pet’s needs.

Plus, keep an eye on Family Dollar’s Weekly Ads for special deals and discounts on pet supplies. They often feature pet products at discounted prices, enabling you to save even more.

By joining Family Dollar’s Smart Coupons program, you can digitally clip coupons for pet supplies and enjoy additional savings. Whether you have a dog, cat, or bird, you can conveniently find the products in one store.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Smart Coupons can a shopper clip?

There is no limit on the number of coupons you can clip in one shopping spree. You can clip as many Smart Coupons as you want.

What types of coupons are not accepted by Family Dollar?

Following is a list of coupons that FamilyDollar does not accept according to its coupon policy

  • Coupons with a face value more than the retail price of the item
  • Expired and free coupons 
  • Bottle caps 
  • Ring up as a different value than what is printed on the coupon. For example: if a coupon says $2.00 off product X but scans for $3.00 off, the coupon will not be accepted.
  • Coupons from other retailers or for products not carried in Family Dollar stores
  • You can not combine two BOGO coupons to get both items for free

You can also check out the coupon policy of Family Dollar stores to know more about coupons. 

How many times can a Smart Coupon be used?

Typically, you can only use a coupon once. However, there are a few coupons from Family Dollar that come with multiple redemptions. You can know more about these details in the text of the coupon. 

Can you unclip a Family Dollar coupon?

No, unfortunately, once you clip a coupon, you can not unclip it from your cart. 


In conclusion, the Family Dollar Weekly Ad proves to be an invaluable resource for savvy shoppers. Thus, if you are also seeking to make the most of your hard-earned money the weekly ad offers unparalleled opportunities. You can save on everyday essentials and special purchases alike. 

Whether you are looking to stock up on groceries, find budget-friendly household items, or discover great deals on back-to-school supplies, the Family Dollar Weekly Ad has you covered. The convenience of planning ahead and the assurance of quality brands further enhance the benefits of using these ads. Embrace the power of the Family Dollar Weekly Ad and witness how smart shopping can transform the way you save and spend.