Five Below Weekly Ad (12/08/23 – 12/14/23) & Flyer Preview

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Five Below has earned its name and reputation for selling stuff for less than five dollars only. There are more expensive items, but they usually go up to only $25. 

With such cheap products, it’s unsurprising that the stores have become a hit. But did you know you can get them for cheaper? Discover how in this article about the Five Below weekly ad.

Five Below Ad & Preview

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Does Five Below Have a Weekly Ad?

A weekly ad is a popular marketing tool among stores. It compiles the deals for a certain period, so it’s easier for customers to find and get attracted to them.

Despite their popularity, Five Below does not have a weekly ad. Neither is there a Five Below monthly ad.

Thus, how does the store endorse its deals? How can you easily find Five Below deals this week so you can enjoy your shopping trip?

Five Below Sales Ad 

If you visit the Five Below website, you’ll find that even if they do not have a weekly ad, they have several sales ads. Those ads are usually themed. 

For example, the store had ads for its early Halloween and back-to-school promos. There may also be Black Friday or Christmas ads. 

Whichever is currently available, you can click on them and be directed to a page. Then, you’ll get to the course through the discounted selection.

Besides event-based ads, the store may have a Five Beyond promotion. This section compiles items that cost more than $5 but are much cheaper than competitors.  

3 Things to Know About Five Below Ad 

Before you explore the Five Below flyer about Halloween or Back to School, here are a few things you should know:

1. No Exact Expiration Date

If you check out weekly ads, the expiration date (usually a week after posting) is prominent on the page. Sadly, it’s not as apparent as with the Five Below ads. 

Therefore, you won’t know if the ads highlight the Five Below sales this week. You won’t even know if a specific promo is still available tomorrow. 

Thus, it’s encouraged that you grab an excellent Five Below deal as soon as you see it. After all, even if there was an expiration date, it’s not an assurance you’ll still be able to get the item. 

The stocks can quickly run out before the expiration date, given how cheap the store deals are.        

2. You Can’t Print a Five Below Ad 

Many weekly ads can be saved as a PDF so you can print them or access them offline. Unfortunately, you can’t do either with a Five Below flyer.

What you can do to save a deal you like is to add it to your cart! Just click on the product on sale, and a pop-up will appear. 

The pop-up window will have an “add to cart” button. Once you’re done adding all the products you like, you can find a shopping cart icon on the top right of your screen.

Click that icon to open your cart and check out your items. Note that while an account may not be needed to add items to the cart, you must provide details upon checkout. 

3. Product Availability Varies Per Store

At the top right of your screen, you’ll find these words: “your store: store name.” Ensure it’s set to the store you want to buy from.

Once you’ve ensured that, scroll through the products. You’ll see which are available at your preferred store and which are not. 

If there’s a particular item you have to buy that isn’t available at your preferred store, there’s an option to check nearby stores.  

How to Save While Shopping at Five Below

Besides buying the products featured in Five Below ads, here are ways you can save money while shopping at this store:

1. Shop from the Clearance Section

The Five Below clearance section can be filled with cheap and fun surprises. Thus, don’t miss the chance to check it out! 

Also, it’s not just marked-down items that you’ll find in the clearance section. You may also find BOGO50OFF deals, which means buy one, get one 50% off. 

2. Explore New and Now Section

The clearance section is usually reserved for out-of-season products. If you prefer the latest items, steer clear of that place and head for the New and Now. 

As the name implies, this section is packed with the newest items available right now! They may not be discounted, but they are among the cheapest in the market. 

3. Sign Up for an Email Subscription

As everything is so cheap, running out of stuff in Five Below is easy. Therefore, the key to getting the best deals there is to get ahead of everyone.

But how can you do that? One easy way is to subscribe for email updates!

With a Five Below email subscription, you regularly receive updates on the newest arrivals or promos. Once the news comes in your inbox, you can quickly grab it, as only a few customers have heard of it. 

4. Take Advantage of Free Store Pickup

Is there a Five Below product you’re interested in, but the store near you does not have it in stock? There’s a simple solution to that.

Order the product online and arrange for it so you can pick it up at a nearby Five Below. Usually, the company won’t charge you for delivering the product to a Five Below branch.

Therefore, you get the convenience of having a needed product ASAP without paying too much! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does Five Below Stand For?

Five Below stands for the store’s concept: it sells trendy products for below five dollars. The idea parallels Dollar Tree, which is named so because it primarily sells items for one dollar only.

While most Five Below products are between $1 to $5, some may exceed $5. The latter are placed in the Five Beyond section. 

Can I Get Free Shipping on Five Below?

Because of its cheap products, you usually can’t get free shipping from Five Below. Instead, they impose a flat shipping fee of $7.95 for all orders. 

The companies that handle Five Below’s shipping are FedEx Smart Post and UPS Sure Post. It can take 5 to 10 days before you get your product. 

You can also pick up an item from a Five Below branch. Usually, in-store pickup is free, so that’s the cheaper alternative to shipping! 

How Much Is Shipping at Five Below?

Five Below has a flat shipping rate of $7.95 for all orders. Fed Ex and UPS shipping services are often used, but USPS and Pitney Bowes are the other options. 

Also, note that shipping is limited to 48 US states only. Five Below does not ship to other countries, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands.

What Does Five Below Have in Their Store?

Five Below’s target demographic consists of teens and tweens. Thus, the store often stocks trendy items like summer-themed floatables, cute tumblers, and other popular items. 

Therefore, if something is popular nowadays, you’re sure Five Below has it. But to be more specific, Five Below sorts its products into the following departments:

  • Room
  • Toys & Games
  • Tech 
  • Beauty
  • Style
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Pet Supplies 
  • Books
  • Party Shop
  • Etc. 

Are There Five Below’s in Canada?

There are no Five Below stores in Canada. A quick search may make you think there is one because of an Ontario store, but it’s located in Ontario, California, and not Ontario, Canada. 

As of 2023, Five Below has approximately 1,200 stores across 40 states in the USA. Most are in California and Florida, which host 107 and 144 locations, respectively. 

Does Five Below Take Coupons?

Five Below does not take coupons. Their products are already at their cheapest, so they can’t apply vouchers. 

However, there are sales for specific events. A clearance section also exists. Thus, to find even cheaper items, you should look into those sections.

You can also subscribe to Five Below’s email newsletter. It announces the most recent deals or promos.