Food Lion Weekly Ad (12/13/23 – 12/19/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

In the mid-Atlantic and southeast US, people go to Food Lion – previously known as Food Town – for their grocery needs. After all, this store offers an impressive range of products, which include home & office supplies, organic food, baby products, and more. 

But that is not all that Food Lion can offer. They also have an impressive array of deals and promos compiled in the Food Lion weekly ad. You should learn to take advantage of them, and you will if you keep reading. 

Food Lion Ad & Preview

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What is the Food Lion Weekly Ad?

The weekly ad is a classic promotional material highlighting promos for a certain period. Thus, the Food Lion weekly ad features the Food Lion deals this week. 

These are some of the details that may be included in the Food Lion ad:

  • Product name & description
  • Specifications (e.g., weight, size, volume)
  • Promo exclusivity (i.e., if the deal is for carded customers only)
  • Final price
  • Promo Duration
  • Amount of savings 

What Makes the Food Lion Weekly Ad Unique? 

The weekly ad is not a new concept by Food Lion. Indeed, it’s a popular resource amongst supermarkets to attract and maintain customers. With that said, what sets the Food Lion sales ad apart from others?

1. Grid View vs. Print View

Many shops have one look only for their weekly ad, even when it’s interactive. However, Food 

Lion has two options when you access their weekly ad:

  • Grid View – Each promo has one box, and they are all arranged in a grid formation. Each promo also has a view details button that, upon clicking, reveals a pop-up with more information about the deal.
  • Print View – This view is intended for printing or saving as a PDF file, so the physical or printed copy resembles a Food Lion flyer. It’s more visually aesthetic, condensed, and interactive. You can click on each deal for a pop-up window to show more information. 

2. “VIEWED,” Flag Tells You Which Deals You Have Opened 

In the grid view, there is a “View Details” button. If you click that, open the pop-up, and then close it again, you’ll see a yellow “VIEWED” flag on the top left of the product box. You can use those flags to monitor which promos you’ve been interested in. 

3. Page Order vs. Alphabetically 

You can sort the promos by page order or alphabetically using the grid view. The page order arrangement is the default option. It matches the order in which the deals are shown on the print view.

4. Related Products

When the pop-up for the “View Details” button opens, the first thing you see is the promo information. However, looking below that, you’ll see a Related Products section listing similar items. It’s an easy way to see your other options, and you can each suggest a promo to know more. 

How to Use the Food Lion Weekly Ad

Using the weekly ad to find the Food Lion sales this week is a breeze. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Food Lion website. 
  2. Select “Weekly Ad” on the navigation menu.
  3. Use your scroller or up and down keys to course through the offers. 
  4. Click on the “View Detail” button of the deals you want to know more about. Once the pop-up appears, click “Terms & Conditions” to see additional details, such as item price, without the deal being applied. 
  5. If there’s a product you want to buy, you can select the “Add to shopping list” button on the top-right corner of the promo box or product image. 
  6. Purchase the discounted items before the offer expires. Also, if “MVP” is indicated in the promo title, you must be a part of the Food Lion MVP Program to enjoy the offer. 

Whenever you view a weekly ad, check its validity period to know when the promos are applicable. There is no Food Lion monthly ad, so they are always suitable for one week; however, you need to know when such a week starts and ends. 

How to Save While Shopping at Food Lion

You can have a great deal of savings by taking advantage of the weekly ad. But did you know you can save even more if you know about these other tips:

1. Join the MVP Program 

Wouldn’t it be great to be rewarded while you shop? At Food Lion, that’s precisely what happens if you are part of their MVP program, which intends to reward loyal customers. 

Being an MVP Cardholder is especially important if you want to enjoy most of the weekly ad deals. Although there are a few promos that don’t require an MVP card, most of them are exclusive to program members. Hence, to maximize the ad, you must join the MVP program. 

Besides the weekly ad deals, these are the things you may enjoy as an MVP program member:

  • Shop & Earn – Every month, you can earn $20 or above rewards which you can use on your next shopping trip. There’s another option: you can give those rewards to charity!
  • MVP Digital Coupons & Other Exclusive Offers – These are coupons and promos exclusive to cardholders. You can use them to buy items at reduced prices.
  • In-Store Kiosk – If you shop at Food Lion, you can scan your MVP card at the In-Store Kiosk. It will give you special offers and personalized coupons to help you save while shopping. 

2. Shop with Coupons 

Most supermarkets and grocery stores offer store coupons and accept those from merchandisers. Food Lion is the same, and you can find their coupons here. Thus, clip, bring, and use as many paper, digital, and printed coupons as possible. 

However, that’s not all there is to couponing at Food Lion. They also accept competitor coupons, like the ones from Dollar General! 

But like store and merchandise coupons, competitor coupons are subject to specific policies. Thus, make sure to read Food Lion’s coupon policies before shopping! 

3. Look for Deals 

On the Food Lion website, there is a page for All Specials. You should explore it to find as many deals as you can. You can filter the selection to only see Store Brand, New, or SNAP-Eligible promos. 

Besides the deals you find on the website, you can also find offers inside the store, within the Food Lion app, posted on Facebook, or delivered to your email. There are coupons spread across the space, rebates in the beer aisle, closeout deals, and retail promotions. 

Thus, allocate as much time as possible to shop at Food Lion. That way, you can find all promos and compare prices across brands. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s Cheaper: Food Lion or Walmart?

Food Lion and Walmart are among the supermarkets that offer the lowest prices. However, according to various sources, Walmart usually comes out cheaper than Food Lion. But this conclusion isn’t absolute – some products may be more affordable at Food Lion, or their promos may allow you to save more. 

Who Owns Food Lion?

Ahold Delhaize USA, a Dutch company, owns Food Lion. But that hasn’t always been the case. Food Lion was started in 1957 by two brothers and a family friend: Wilson Smith, Ralph Ketner, and Clifford Ketner. Then, in 1974, the company was bought by the Delhaize Group, which merged with Ahold in 2016. 

Does Florida Have a Food Lion?

Florida does not have a Food Lion. There used to be 25 stores in the state, but they were all closed in 2012 due to a portfolio reorganization. 

As of 2023, Food Lion is present in the following states:

  • Delaware
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Georgia
  • Pennsylvania
  • West Virginia
  • Kentucky 
  • South Carolina
  • Maryland
  • Tennessee  

What Did Food Lion Use to Be Called?

Food Lion used to be called Food Town. It was only in 1983 that the name was changed to Food Lion to avoid confusion with other stores named Food Town. It was a fitting move, as Delhaize has a lion in its logo and was used to be known as Delhaize Le Lion.  

Where Is Food Lion Headquarters?

The Food Lion headquarters is located in Salisbury, North Carolina. It was also founded in the same place. 

What State Has the Most Food Lion Stores?

North Carolina has the most Food Lion stores, with 514 branches. The state with the next highest number of Food Lion stores is South Carolina, with 172. Meanwhile, Kentucky and Pennsylvania have the least number of Food Lion stores.