HEB Weekly Ad (12/13/23 – 12/19/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

With its Texas-shaped chips, fresh tortillas, delicious barbecue, and other Tex-Mex products, H-E-B is deeply ingrained in Texan culture. Hardly a Texan week goes by without a stop at this supermarket. 

Although H-E-B is already known to keep its prices affordable, there are many ways to strike great deals there. Native Texans probably know of them already, but if you’re a new H-E-B patron, here’s one you can easily start with – the HEB weekly ad.

HEB Ad & Preview

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What is the HEB Weekly Ad?

You can find the biggest and cheapest HEB deals this week in the weekly ad. From meat cuts to tumblers, you can find them at their best prices in the ad. 

The HEB ad usually features two types of promos: sale and coupon. A product on sale has the price marked down already. However, if it’s a coupon deal, you must present the voucher to get a deduction.

Either way, they help you get your groceries cheap, so don’t skip them! 

What Makes the HEB Weekly Ad Unique? 

Although H-E-B knows a lot about making unique things, the weekly ad is a common promotional gimmick amongst supermarkets. Thus, if you’ve used a weekly ad from another store, you’ll quickly grasp the one for H-E-B.

However, there are a few things that make the HEB sales ad unique:

1. Two Weekly Ad Formats

Usually, stores have their weekly ads in the traditional format. The promos are compiled in a digital flyer or brochure, and the visual elements make it easy to see the details. Also, you can print the ad and take it to the store.

While there is a traditional HEB flyer version of the weekly ad, they also have a web page or interactive format. Both formats make it easy for customers to choose the most convenient. The flyer is best for in-store shopping, but online customers may prefer the web page. 

I must note, though, that it’s better to use the web page format. Here are the reasons why I think so:

  • It features a broader selection of 400+ products. The flyer version cannot advertise all that because of the limited space and pages. 
  • You can see which products are already out-of-stock for a specific store. You can also order from another branch that may have the item by simply changing the store location. 
  • You can add items to your cart or list. The cart option is best for online shopping, while the list option is for those still canvassing or window shopping. 
  • You can clip coupons. In the past, we clipped coupons by cutting them out of newspapers. It’s easy to lose them then, but with digital clipping, that’s not a worry you’ll have. 
  • You can see product information. If you click on an item you’re interested in, it will direct you to its page, which contains information such as product description, nutrition facts, and ingredients list. 

2. Weekly Ad Preview 

As the name implies, a preview allows you to see a part (or all) of the ad for the next week. Supermarkets don’t usually have that, making H-E-B an exemption.

A weekly ad preview is perfect for those who want to create their budget or meal plans ahead of time. It allows you to see the prices for next week, so you have a better idea of how much money to allocate. 

An alternative to a weekly ad preview is an ad with a duration that spans more than a week. However, there is no H-E-B monthly ad or any long-lasting flyer, so the preview is your best option if you want a forecast of prices. 

How to Use the HEB Weekly Ad

Now, are you excited to find the HEB sales this week? Here’s how to use the weekly ad (web page format):

  1. Open the H-E-B website. 
  2. Ensure the location or store (found on the top-right side of the screen) is set to your preferred store. 
  3. Click on “Weekly Ad” on the navigational menu. You’ll be led first into the web page format. 
  4. Scroll up and down to course through the products included in the weekly ad or deals. 
  5. There are categories (e.g., Baby & Kids, Dairy & Eggs, and Pantry) on top of the product selection. You can choose one to narrow down your options. 
  6. If there’s an item you want to know more about, click on it to be directed to the product page. 
  7. If there’s a product you want to add to your cart or list, click on the respective buttons below the product image. 
  8. To know if a product is on sale or has a voucher, check the label on the top-left side of the product image. 
  9. To clip a coupon, click on the product image. Once you’re directed to the product page, you’ll find a “Clip” button with a scissors icon. 

If you prefer the traditional flyer format, here’s how to access it:

  1. Follow steps 1 to 3 for the web page format. 
  2. Once you’re on the weekly ad or deals page, you’ll find a “See Flyer” button on the top left.
  3. Click on it, and you’ll be directed to a page with flyers. Both the current and preview ads are on this page. 
  4. Scroll up and down to look through the promos featured in the weekly flyer. 
  5. You can click on a deal you’re interested in, and a sidebar will appear. It will contain information about the offer. 

How to Save While Shopping at HEB

Combine these tips with the weekly deals for ultimate savings while shopping at H-E-B:

1. Install the H-E-B App 

H-E-B has a mobile app that can be installed on an iOS or Android phone. It’s a must-have for avid H-E-B shoppers. 

Here are some of the conveniences or perks offered by the H-E-B app:

  • You can shop curbside; that is, you order your groceries online – through the app – and pick them up at a convenient time at the H-E-B branch nearest to you. 
  • You can order groceries and have them delivered at home. It’s the best option for busy folks. 
  • You can easily choose, scan, clip, and redeem digital and in-store yellow coupons. 
  • If you’re shopping in-store, you can use the app to find products, saving time and effort. 
  • You can use the app to find exclusive and limited deals, such as Sunday freebies.

The store also has a separate H-E-B Go app. The unique thing about it is you can use it to scan your groceries while you’re still walking around the aisles. 

Thus, you only have to check out and pay when you’re done shopping. It saves you so much time! 

2. Redeem Coupons 

H-E-B is known for its yellow coupons, which you can find in the weekly ad, website, or app. Redeeming them can help you make significant savings as you shop. 

But besides them, there are other coupons you can use at H-E-B. For instance, if you have some manufacturer or downloaded coupons, the store may honor them.

Just make sure to check out the store’s coupon policy before redemption. In this way, you’re sure you’ll get the savings you look forward to. 

3. Go for Combo-Loco Deals 

Combo-Locos are a spin-off of a BOGO or buy one get one deal. Instead, they are a “buy this, get that FREE” promo. 

Thus, instead of getting two of the same item, you get two different products. However, you don’t get to decide what the second item is.

The pairing is pre-selected by the store. For instance, you can buy a giant General Mill cereal and get a Yoplait Go-Gurt Yogurt for free! 

4. Get an H-E-B Card 

Do you shop at H-E-B every week? If so, it’s time you consider getting a H-E-B debit or credit card

You can get cashback when you pay with these cards at any H-E-B branch! Specifically, you’ll get 5% back on the amount you spend on H-E-B brand products.

However, if you’re an H-E-B credit card user, you’ll get an additional 1.5% cashback on non-HEB brand products. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does HEB Stand For?

HEB, or H-E-B, is a Texas-based supermarket chain whose initials stand for Howard E. Butt. He expanded the grocery store his mother, Florence, began, so the company was named after him. However, his mother is still considered the founder. 

As of 2023, H-E-B remains a family business with Charles Butt, Howard’s son, and Howard Butt III, Charles’s nephew, leading the helm. Other family members are also on the board. 

Is HEB out of Texas?

The only H-E-B branches outside of Texas are in Mexico. The company does not have other stores in other US states. There were attempts to establish branches in different regions; however, they were short-lived locations. 

How Many HEBs Are in Texas?

H-E-B has around 425 stores in both Texas and Mexico. Since it was reported that there were 75 of them in Mexico, that leaves us with approximately 350 HEBs in Texas. You can find the branch nearest you using this Find a Store page. 

Note that most H-E-B branches are unique. Each location was established to cater to the immediate community, so the products and designs were chosen to match their needs. 

What Is the Motto of HEB?

HEB’s motto is “Here Everything’s Better”. It’s a witty play on the company’s name or initials, so many people had thought that HEB always meant the motto. Also, it’s a promise of the supermarket chain to consistently deliver high-quality products and service to its loyal customers in Texas and Mexico. 

Where Does H-E-B Rank in the US?

H-E-B is ranked by Dunnhumby as 1st in the US among groceries that sell food and non-food items, 5th in Forbes’ Best Large Employers list, and 6th among Forbes’ America’s Largest Private Companies ranking. 

These placements are even more impressive when you realize the company does not have as widespread a presence as national chains like Costco or Amazon. Thus, its excellent performance can only be credited to the quality of its products, affordability of items, and fair treatment of employees. 

What Time of Day Is Best To Shop at HEB?

Most people say that the best time to shop at HEB is in the morning, from 4 AM to 9 AM. During this time, people are still sleeping in, waking up, making breakfast, or attending church (if it’s a Sunday). Thus, there is little competition for aisles or cashiers. 

Moreover, the shelves had just been or were being stocked at that time. Thus, you get access to fresh products. You may even score marked-down produce. 

What Are Yellow Coupons at HEB?

Yellow coupons are vouchers issued by H-E-B. Some are printed and can be found in physical stores or sent to mail subscribers. They may also be available in digital format through the store website or app.