Safeway Weekly Ad (12/15/23 – 12/21/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

In the Western USA, Safeway is among the people’s top supermarket choices. This Albertsons subsidiary is known for its variety of affordable products, ranging from fresh produce to private label brands. 

If a run to the grocery is on your to-do list this week, read this article. In it, you’ll learn more about the Safeway weekly ad, a must-view resource for those who want to save money while shopping at Safeway. 

Safeway Ad & Preview

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What is the Safeway Weekly Ad?

The Safeway weekly ad is a promotional resource released regularly by the supermarket through its website. It highlights Safeway deals this week, such as cheap meat cuts, mix-and-match products, exclusive coupons, and other money-saving promos. 

The weekly ad and its promos are active for six days. With every deal included in the ad, certain pieces of information are presented, such as:

  • Picture of the product
  • Name or description of the product 
  • Product specifics (e.g., weight, volume)
  • Product price 
  • Availability 
  • Promo/Deal conditions 
  • Promo Duration 

What Makes the Safeway Weekly Ad Unique? 

The Safeway weekly ad looks and works like other stores based on the interface. Each promo has a picture and details, but you can also click on it to know more. 

However, there are a few things that are unique about this Safeway ad, and they are the following:

1. Weekly Ad Varies Per Location

Some stores have one weekly ad for all their locations. If they create different ads, the differences are slight, like one ad having different products. 

However, Safeway’s weekly ads are much different in terms of products, visual design, and promos. 

For instance, the Idaho weekly ad for August 9 to 15 actively promotes the branch’s raffle program called Shop & Win. Meanwhile, the California Safeway sales ad has an entire section for coupons.  

2. One-Day Promos

Most deals included in a weekly ad are applicable for as long as the ad itself. Thus, most of the promos in the Safeway flyer are available for six days.

However, a portion of the ad consists entirely of deals that are good only for one day. 

3. Promos are for Safeway for U Members Only

If you check out the weekly ad, there are a lot of great deals. However, they’re all for naught if you’re not a Safeway for U member because it is explicitly stated under the prices that they are for members only. 

Thus, you must sign up for the Safeway for U membership program. The good news, though, is it’s free! So being able to access the offers won’t cause you anything besides the few seconds to register. 

How to Use the Safeway Weekly Ad

Here’s how you can use the Safeway weekly ad to find Safeway deals this week:

  1. Create a Safeway for U account.  
  2. Access the weekly ad through the navigation menu on the Safeway website.
  3. Make sure you are viewing the weekly ad of your preferred Safeway branch. To ensure that, you can use the Find a Location page. 
  4. Once you access the ad, use the mouse scroller, page scrollbar, or your up and down keyboard keys to browse the ad’s pages. 
  5. If there’s a promo or product you are interested in, you can click on it. A pop-up sidebar will appear containing additional information. 
  6. If there’s a coupon you want to clip, click on it. The sidebar will appear with a “Clip Coupon” button, which you will press.
  7. If there are products you want to add to your online cart or shopping list, the pop-up sidebar will have the corresponding buttons.  
  8. You can print the ad to bring a copy to the store. To do so, click the Print button on the top right and select the ad in the dropdown menu. 
  9. You can also email the ad to yourself, friends, or family. Click the Share button beside the Print button. 

Before you enjoy all the deals in this sales ad, make sure you’re already a Safeway for U member. Not only are the promos exclusive to members, but you can’t clip coupons, add items to your cart, or save products on your list if you don’t have an account. 

How to Save While Shopping at Safeway

Taking advantage of weekly ad deals to save money while shopping at Safeway is fun. But the experience is even better if you know of these other money-saving hacks: 

1. Sign Up for a Safeway for U or FreshPass Membership

There are two types of membership programs a Safeway customer can join:

Safeway for U

One of the biggest perks of being a Safeway for U member is enjoying the promos in the store’s weekly ad. However, that’s not all.

These are the other membership benefits:

  • Earn reward points, which you can use in the future as discounts for groceries and gas
  • Receive personalized deals, which are promos on your favorite items
  • Access discounts for pet meds and products
  • Easily save and redeem digital coupons
  • Claim a birthday treat and a free item every month 

Best of all, those perks come for $0 – you just need an email address! They might even reward new customers (e.g., a $5 discount on purchases above $25).

Also, download the Safeway app to use your account best. The app lets you quickly access deals, coupons, and other Safeway essentials. 


Unlike Safeway for U, FreshPass isn’t for free. It costs $99 per year or $12.99 per month. However, that’s only because this program offers so many more perks!

These are things you can enjoy from your FreshPass subscription:

  • Free delivery or discount for flash deliveries
  • $5 monthly credit 
  • 2X reward points for purchasing exclusive brands 
  • Discounts on O Organics, Open Nature, and Signature Pet Care products
  • No expiration on reward points
  • Monthly Starbucks perk 
  • VIP customer service phone line

If you often shop at Safeway, a FreshPass subscription might be worth the annual or monthly fee! However, note that all those perks come with conditions, so look them up before signing or paying anything. 

2. Browse and Use the Other Safeway Ads 

If you check out the weekly ad, you’ll notice tabs for other Safeway ads beside the one for the weekly ad. You should check those out, too, so you know of ALL possible deals and promos at the store. 

These are other Safeway ads:

  • Big Book of Savings 
  • Entertaining Guide

The Big Book of Savings ad could be seen as a Safeway monthly ad because it’s active for nearly a month (e.g., August 2 to August 29). Like the weekly ad, it highlights coupons, discounts, and other member-exclusive offers. 

On the other hand, the Entertaining Guide endorses food preparation services perfect for parties or get-togethers. Specifically, it shows many types of party trays, sandwiches, fresh trays, and other foods you can serve to your guests. They’re a great option to save time, effort, and maybe even money! 

3. Redeem Reward Points 

As mentioned, Safeway for U and FreshPass members earn points as they shop. These are the number of points Safeway for U members can make:

  • 1 point = $1 spent on groceries 
  • 1 point = $1 spent on qualifying pharmacy purchases 
  • 2 points = $1 spent on qualifying gift cards 

If you’re a FreshPass member, you can earn twice the points if you bought certain brands. Weekly ad promos may also allow Safeway for U members to earn more points from a specific promo. 

Once those points have accumulated, you can convert them to rewards, with 100 points equivalent to 1 reward. Those rewards can be used as cash or discounts for groceries and gas. 

These are what you can get for your rewards:

  • 300 points = 3 rewards = $4 off
  • 500 points = 5 rewards = $7 off
  • 1,000 points = 10 rewards = $15 off
  • 1,200 points = 12 rewards = $20 off 

You can then use your app or provide your mobile number at checkout to apply those Rewards. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Safeway Only in California?

Safeway’s headquarters are in Pleasanton, California, and the supermarket has over 200 branches in the Golden State. However, its presence extends beyond California.

As of 2023, Safeway has 900+ stores across 18 US states. Most of them are in California, Arizona, Colorado, and Oregon. 

If you want to find a Safeway branch in your area, you can use this page.    

What Are the Best Days To Shop at Safeway?

Friday is the best day to Shop at Safeway because of the $5 Friday sales. They are called so because the product price is usually reduced to $5 (e.g., $5 for 1lb chicken wings, $5 for 2 Signature Cafe salads). 

These $5 deals are usually showcased in the weekly ad. Thus, look for them and schedule that Friday shopping trip. 

How Do I Use My Safeway Account?

You can use your Safeway account to shop online, claim perks like birthday treats, and find, save, and redeem member-exclusive promos and coupons. Products can also be added to your online cart or shopping list with the Safeway account. 

You can access your account via the Safeway website or app. The latter is the most recommended way and is available on both iOS and Android devices. 

How Do I Use Safeway Cash?

Safeway Cash is a Safeway app feature that allows customers to use their phones and Safeway accounts to pay for in-store purchases. It is convenient for those who don’t want or forgot to bring cash. 

To use Safeway Cash, you must have the Safeway Deals & Delivery app. Then, enroll in DirectPay and link your bank account, as it’ll be your funding source. Ensure you have a Safeway Cash balance when using the feature to pay in-store. 

How Much Do You Have To Spend at Safeway To Get Free Delivery?

If it’s your first time having an order delivered from Safeway, you can get free delivery if you spend at least $30. You only have to input the promo code “FREE” upon checkout. 

After that, there may be occasional free delivery offers. However, you can sign up for a FreshPass subscription for a more consistent free delivery option. The minimum amount to avail of free delivery from FreshPass is $30.

How Do I Use My Safeway Rewards for Gas?

Accumulated Safeway reward points can be redeemed as gas discounts by providing their Safeway Club Card or phone number before fueling. 

Also, points are redeemed in increments of 100. Thus, you can redeem 100 points, which are equivalent to 10 cents per gallon gas reward, but not 101 or 150 points. The more points you redeem, the more discounts you receive. 

Do My Safeway Points Expire?

Safeway points expire if there are less than 100 of them at the end of a month. Meanwhile, rewards expire on the month they were earned. 

For example, if you had 315 points in August, 15 will expire, and 300 will be converted to 3 rewards on the first day of September. The rewards will also expire in October if you haven’t used them, but if you’re a FreshPass member, they will not.