JayC Food Stores Weekly Ad (12/13/23 – 12/19/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

The JayC Food Stores is a supermarket chain that has made its mark in Indiana (although it is also present in other states like Illinois). It started as a simple store on South Chestnut Street that grew into the state’s largest private retail employer before being acquired by Kroger.

JayC Food Stores Ad & Preview

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Like other supermarkets, you can get practically anything you need to live in JayC – food, groceries, medicines, and more. But what makes the shopping experience better in that chain is that there is something you can do to make the most out of your money.

That something is using the JayC weekly ad! You’ll learn more about this money-saving hack in this article, so keep reading.  

What Makes JayC Food Stores Popular?

JayC Food Stores may seem like any other supermarket chain. There is a variety of products, from food to pharmaceutical items. They’re all quite affordable, too, making shopping even more convenient.

But all those qualities are pretty standard for most supermarkets. So what else sets JayC Food Stores apart? Well, here are a few answers:

  • Quality of service – JayC is known for its friendly and accommodating staff, which keeps customers coming back.
  • Incredible deals – If you’re looking for a good bargain, JayC is a great place to go! You can find such promos in the JayC ad, which we’ll talk more about later.
  • Delicious food – Shopping can make you hungry, but you can always munch on the store’s salads, sandwiches, and other tasty goodies! (Check out the chicken, a lot of people talk about it!)
  • Clean stores – Who wants to shop for their necessities in a place that looks like a dump? Fortunately, JayC does a good job of keeping their stores neat and enticing. 
  • Great quality – You get your money’s worth with JayC’s products – the produce is fresh, the meat is great, and other products are of value. 

There may be more things that keep JayC customers on a hook, but for now, these may be enough to tell you why you should shop there if you’re in Indiana, Illinois, or Missouri. But before you head out, keep reading to know HOW you should shop there.  

Why Should You Use the JayC Weekly Ad?

When shopping at JayC Food Stores, you should not skip checking out the JayC sales ad for the week. Why so? 

Here are the top reasons why you should use the weekly ad of JayC Food Stores:

  1. Budgeting – The ad shows you the prices of various products, from foods to drinks to pet products. Thus, even before you’re at the store, you can already get a good idea of how much you will spend. 
  2. Promos – The top reason why you should check the ad is it showcases the JayC deals this week. These do not just include the items being sold at reduced prices – the ad also tells you about the JayC app, Card, digital coupons, fuel rewards, and other promotions. 
  3. Interactive – Even if you don’t intend to shop at the physical store, you can still use the weekly ad. By clicking on the products, a sidebar will appear with buttons that help you shop online or add items to your shopping list. 
  4. Visual – Like other stores’ ads, the ad feeds the eyes. You see pictures of the products, along with their descriptions. 

JayC Weekly Ad Has Two Looks

Another thing you should know about the weekly ad of JayC Food Stores is there are two looks. There’s the classic look, which is the usual of weekly ads and looks more like a JayC flyer. 

However, there’s also the modern or shoppable weekly ad. It looks neater or less cramped than the classic one and makes online shopping easier.  

Both ads have the same duration (1 week) and feature – more or less – the same products and deals. But, it wouldn’t hurt to check out both so you don’t miss anything! 

When Should You Check the JayC Weekly Ad?

The weekly ad is updated regularly so you’ll always see the JayC sales this week. That update is done every midnight (Eastern Time) on Wednesday. However, if you are shopping in Indiana, Illinois, or Eastern Missouri, the update will be available on Thursday, at the same time (midnight ET). 

Note that there is no JayC monthly ad. Therefore, you’ll have to visit the weekly ad or site more frequently to not miss out on the good deals. It’s all online, though, so you won’t have to walk out your door and it’ll take a few minutes only. 

What Should You Know About Shopping at JayC Food Stores?

Knowing about and using the weekly ad is a great way to save money at JayC. However, there are other things you can do to make the most out of your JayC Food Stores shopping experience, and these include: 

1 It’s Best to Get a JayC Shopper’s Card or Plus Membership

If you check out the weekly ad, you’ll see that most of the deals have this subtext: “With Card”. Thus, without a Shopper’s Card, you cannot enjoy the offer. 

That sounds like a bummer, but there’s an easy remedy to that. You can get a Shopper’s Card by asking for one at a JayC Food Store or making a digital account (you’ll automatically get a virtual card).

But we also recommend you get the Plus membership. It will allow you to save hundreds of dollars annually (at no cost!) through exclusive sales and coupons, fuel points, cash back, and other rewards. 

For the extra avid JayC shoppers, there’s also a paid Boost membership. It has perks that the free Plus membership does not have, like savings on specialty brands. 

Another good thing about Boost is you can use it at other Kroger stores! Plus, if you get the Kroger Elite MasterCard, you may get the chance to have your Boost account for free.   

2 JayC is Not Just in Indiana

JayC Food Stores’ stronghold is Indiana, which makes sense since it was founded in Seymour City, Indiana, and has 60+ branches in the said state. However, this chain also has locations in Illinois and Missouri. 

If you want to find the nearest JayC Food Store, you can use their Store Locator. It only requires you to input a postal code, city, or state so you can receive some branch suggestions. 

3 Download and Install the JayC App 

Loyal JayC customers should highly consider getting the store’s mobile app, which is available for both Android and Apple users. Not only is the app and digital membership free, there are a lot of perks as well. 

For instance, it allows you to clip or save coupons easily. Using coupons then allows you to save as much as $100 per week! 

The weekly ad is also easy to access through the app, so you don’t have to crack open your PC or browser for it. The same goes for online shopping! 

Best of all, you get to monitor your fuel points! This is one of the best rewards for avid shoppers at JayC, as you can get as much as $1 off for every gallon of gas. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Jay C Foods Owned by Kroger?

Jay C Foods used to be owned by John C. Groub and his family. However, in the first month of 1999, Kroger Co. acquired the chain. 

Thus, Jay C Foods is now one of the Kroger Family of Companies. There are a few incentives, such as cash backs on all Kroger stores across the US using the Kroger Family of Companies World Elite Mastercard. 

Is JayC the Same As Kroger?

JayC is a supermarket like Kroger and is owned by Kroger Co. However, they are separate brands or chains. 

Kroger is more widespread and popular, while JayC is more prominent in Indiana and only has a few branches outside the said state. 

Can You Use Kroger Digital Coupons at Jay C?

It used to be explicitly stated that digital coupons from Kroger and Jay C can be used in any of the member companies. However, that announcement is no longer available on the website. 

Therefore, it is best to check first with your local branch to see if they will accept Kroger digital coupons. If not, you may check out the Jay C Food Stores’ website for the chain’s own digital coupons. 

Can I Use My Kroger Card at Jay C?

It is unclear if you can use your Kroger Shoppers or Plus Card at JayC. But what is certain is customers can use their Kroger Rewards Elite Mastercard at Jay C and enjoy perks. 

For instance, they can get a free Boost membership they can also use at JayC. They may also enjoy cashback and other rewards. 

When Did Kroger Buy JayC?

John C. Groub Co. was the company that previously owned JayC, and it was managed by the store’s founding family. However, Kroger Co. bought John C. Groub Co. in January 1999, making JayC now part of the Kroger Family of Companies. 

After the purchase, Kroger decided to continue the chain’s operations under the same name: JayC.