Vons Weekly Ad (12/13/23 – 12/19/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

Vons’ history is quite interesting. It was passed on from one company to the other, being owned by Safeway at some point, and is now part of Albertsons’ portfolio of stores. 

Vons Ad & Preview

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Vons was also the first among American supermarket chains to have a Mexican-American CEO! But through all these milestones, the store never lost its hold on its Southern California turf. 

Thus, hundreds of families continue to patronize Vons, and if you’re reading this article, you’re likely to be joining them soon. But before you do that, learn more about the Vons weekly ad so you can truly enjoy your shopping experience there. 

What is the Vons Weekly Ad?

In the past, supermarket promos were offered through TV or radio advertisements, eye-catching posters, and exciting coupons in newspapers. But now that we are in the digital era, everything is online, including store deals.

With that said, the Vons weekly ad is the place – or rather, page – to visit when looking for the store’s biggest and most recent offers. Appearance-wise, it looks like a traditional flyer or catalog of deals.

But as the Vons ad is online, it is much easier to access to stay updated on the Vons deals this week. Also, you can add items to your cart or list immediately!

Is There a Vons Monthly Ad? 

The Vons sales ad looks a lot like other stores’ weekly ads, so if you’re familiar with those, it’ll be easier to use. Besides weekly ads, stores also tend to have monthly ads. 

So, does Vons have a monthly ad? Sadly, there is no Vons monthly ad. 

But there is a Big Book of Savings, which lasts nearly a month, so it’s a great alternative! We’ll also talk more about this particular Vons sales ad in this article. 

What Makes the Vons Weekly Ad Unique? 

The Vons flyer looks and works much like others. But there are certain unique aspects:

1. It’s Best to Have a Membership

Technically, you can shop at Vons without a membership. But if you want to make the most out of the Vons sales this week, you should sign up for one. 

That’s because several deals in the weekly ad feature member-exclusive prices. Thus, if you’re not a member, you’ll be limited in your promo selection.

2. Barcode for Easy Loading of Coupons

The weekly ad may feature several coupons. You can clip them individually, but for your convenience, there is a barcode on the ad that allows you to easily load the vouchers to your account. 

However, you’ll need a Vons for U membership and the Albertsons or Vons app to scan the barcode. 

How to Use the Vons Weekly Ad

Here are a few steps you can follow to access and use the Vons weekly ad:

  1. Open the Vons website. 
  2. Click on the sidebar menu button (it looks like three lines stacked on top of each other).
  3. Select “Weekly Ad” on the sidebar menu.
  4. Before browsing the ad, make sure the address for the “Viewing Ad for” part is correct. You can find the upper-left of the ad. 
  5. Scroll through the ad’s pages to view the various promos, products, and coupons. 
  6. Click on an item for a sidebar to appear. It will contain additional information about the promo.
  7. There will also be buttons for “Add to Cart”, “Add to List”, and “Clip Coupon” (this one appears only for coupons on the sidebar. You can click on the option you like, but you will need an account to complete any of these actions. 
  8. If you want to print the ad for an offline or physical copy, scroll back to the top. Then, look for the print button on the upper right side and select the weekly ad. 
  9. You can also share the ad via email. Click on the “Share” button beside “Print” and select “Email” to do so. 
  10. Purchase the deals before they expire. Promos on the Vons weekly ad are usually good for seven day only. 

How to Save While Shopping at Vons

The weekly ad is already packed with fantastic deals from Vons. But you don’t have to stop there. Discover these other ways to save money while shopping at Vons:

1. Be a Vons Member

If you go to Vons often, you can’t pass on the opportunity to be a member. It will grant you access to exclusive deals, allow you to earn points, and enjoy free delivery, and other perks.

There are two types of membership at Vons:

  • for U
  • Fresh Pass

Vons for U is free, so if you don’t want to pay for a subscription, you should sign up for this. You’ll receive personalized deals and you can earn points while you shop, which you can avail as grocery discounts or gas rewards. 

In contrast, the Fresh Pass subscription isn’t free. You have to pay every month or year, but there are more perks, such as:

  • no-expiry rewards
  • more points for certain items
  • free delivery for orders above $30
  • discounts on Vons Flash Delivery service
  • $5 credit per month (only for annual subscribers)

Whichever membership you have, make sure to download the Vons app as well. It will allow you to monitor your points and enjoy perks. 

2. Browse Vons Big Book of Savings

For more and longer-lasting deals, you can easily switch to the Vons Big Book Savings tab, which is right beside the weekly ad tab. 

It works much like the weekly ad, so you should find your way easily. You can also print and share it, like the weekly ad. 

3. Take Advantage of Rain Check or Substitute Offers

Vons is among the few remaining stores that offer rain checks. A raincheck refers to an assurance given by stores to customers that they can buy a certain item later but at the same discounted price. 

For instance, if the weekly ad indicated that the chicken wings are only $7.99 per pound. However, as your local branch does not have stock, you can come back later to buy the wing at the same price.  

If your local Vons won’t offer a raincheck, at the least, they’ll provide a substitute. You can always take advantage of that, as well.

For either raincheck or substitute products, seek assistance from Von’s staff. 

4. Enjoy Fuel and Grocery Savings

As a Vons member, you can earn points while shopping. Typically, the rate is 1 point for every $1 spent on groceries. 

Once you reach 100 points, you can convert that to 1 Reward. You can use the Reward for grocery or fuel savings. 

For instance, with every 1 Reward, you can get up to $1 off a gallon of fuel. The exact discount varies per station, so check the Vons site for more details. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Does Vons Do?

Vons is a banner store under Albertsons Companies and is one of the biggest retail chains in the US. Besides groceries, it sells pharmaceutical and health products.

The store also suggests recipes to its customers. The latter can be those for meal and budget planning. 

How Do I Use Vons Digital Coupon?

To use a Vons Digital Coupon, you must find them first in the weekly ad, big book of savings, app, or other pages on the Vons website. Then, make sure you have a Vons for U account so you can clip them. 

Then, when you’re ready to shop, just present the clipped voucher on your app or apply it during checkout (if online shopping). Also, note that you can combine manufacturer and store coupons for more savings.  

What Company Owns Vons?

Vons most recent owner is Albertsons, whose banner stores are also its competitors. Prior to being owned by Albertsons, Vons was acquired by Safeway through the purchase of MacMarr stores. 

But to go back to history, Von’s first owner and founder was Charles Von der Ahe. He had the chain for 22 years before it was sold to MacMarr stores. 

Is Vons Only in California?

Vons is most prominent in California, specifically the state’s southern region. However, it also has branches in Nevada. 

To be exact, there are 184 Vons branches in California. Meanwhile, there are only 9 Vons stores in Nevada. 

Does Vons Have Online Shopping? 

Vons has online shopping. You can shop through their website or app for easy access to deals, and they offer delivery, as well. 

However, you may have to create an account with them. It is an easy process, though, and no payment is needed for the account. 

Can You Use Zip at Vons? 

Customers may use Zip at Vons. Doing so allows you to buy a product at Vons and pay later through four installments across six weeks. You will need a Zip app.