Fry’s Food Stores Weekly Ad (12/13/23 – 12/19/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

Although Fry’s Food Stores was founded in California in 1954, its stronghold is in another Western state: Arizona. Indeed, it has over 100 stores across the state’s 34 cities. 

The variety of products you can buy at Fry’s Food Stores is what keeps people loyal. Besides that, customers also appreciate the tons of deals they can enjoy. You can take advantage of them too!

Fry’s Food Stores Ad & Preview

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To do so, check out the Fry’s weekly ad. It has all the promos you could need, and you’ll learn more about it in this article. 

What Is Fry’s Food Stores?

Fry’s Food Stores, also known as Fry’s Food and Drug, is a supermarket chain most popular in West USA, specifically Arizona. It is a subsidiary of Kroger, which you may be more familiar with as it is a giant American store chain. 

This chain is named after its founder, Donald Fry, who established the chain in California before expanding to Phoenix. You may think it’s related to Fry’s Electronics, a famous gadget shop or chain. 

However, the two Fry’s chains are only related through their founders (Donald’s nephews launched Fry’s Electronics). In all other aspects, they are independent of each other. 

But what is related to Fry’s Food Stores are the following:

  • Fry’s Marketplace
  • Fry’s Signature
  • Fry’s Mercado 

Where Can You Find Fry’s Food Stores?

Although established in California, Fry’s Food Stores can now only be found in Arizona. The state hosts 127 of the company’s branches. 

To find these locations, the chain’s website has a store locator. You can input your city, state, or zip code to discover the nearest branch.

However, you can also open the page to find a list of cities or areas in Arizona. If you click on one, it will direct you to a page listing all Fry’s Food Stores in that place. 

Why Should You Use the Fry’s Weekly Ad?

As I’ve said above, there are many promos you can enjoy at Fry’s Food Stores. But where can you find them? 

The Fry’s ad for the week is an excellent place to start with. It’s promotional material you can access online and compiles all the most recent, active deals. 

It looks like a catalog showing the products, details, and prices. Many stores have a similar material, so it’ll likely be familiar. 

Is there a Fry’s Monthly Ad? 

Weekly ads are popular among stores. But there’s another favorite resource among shoppers: monthly ads.

Because of their longer duration, monthly ads are better for planning or budgeting. So, you may be interested: does Fry’s have one?

Sadly, there’s no Fry’s monthly ad. But you can easily visit the site every week to not miss the most recent offers. 

Things to Know About the Fry’s Weekly Ad

Before you dive into the Fry’s sales ad, there are a few things you should know:

1. There are Two Types

Most stores have only one type of weekly ad, but Fryer’s Food Stores went for two. 

The first one is the traditional or PDF file type. It’s more creative and looks like a catalog, so it also looks like a Fry’s flyer.

Despite that, it’s a bit interactive. You can click on a product, and options like being able to add the item to your shopping list will appear. 

As it is a PDF type, you can also save it for offline purposes. If you shop at the physical branch, you can print the PDF and bring the copy with you. 

Meanwhile, the second type looks more like an online shop. It looks more clean and organized as the promos or product images aren’t crammed into a few pages. 

The organization of the Fry’s deals this week is also better with the second type because there are labels. For instance, it groups items that are $5 or below. 

Like the flyer type, you can add items to your personal or online shopping list with the second type of weekly ad. 

2. It’s Best for Card Holders 

A VIP card or membership is optional to shop at Fry’s Food Stores. But it would be a great idea to have one, as it’s not only free – it also grants you access to most of the deals.

If you check out the Fry’s sales this week that are featured in the ad, they mostly have a “With Card” subtext. Thus, you cannot enjoy the promo if you’re not a cardholder. 

Fortunately, it’s easy to get a card. Simply approach the customer service desk at a Fry’s Food Store and ask for a VIP card. 

After getting one, you’ll have to register it online. You can then activate it online or via call. 

Another option is to register for Fry’s digital account. Registrants who do not have a VIP card will be given a virtual card after registration. 

Once you have your card, you can enjoy the exclusive promos and get rewards! Just make sure your digital account and card are linked for easy access and monitoring.  

3. It Showcases Various Deals 

The most common offers in a weekly ad are discounted products. However, Fry’s offers more promo types than just items at lower prices. 

Here are the other promo types:

  • Digital Coupons 
  • Earn more fuel points
  • Everything $5 and under 
  • Mix and Match (e.g., Buy 1 and Get 1 other item that is of equal or lesser price)

Tips for Shopping at Fry’s Food Stores

Do you want more shopping hacks? Here are other tips: 

1. Sign Up for Fry’s Food Stores Memberships 

As you’ve learned above, you can create a digital VIP account with Fry’s Food Store and get a card. This grants you access to several promos. 

However, that’s not the only perk that comes with a free VIP card or membership. You also get the following:

  • Fuel points
  • Ability to order online 
  • Exclusive digital coupons

Besides the free VIP membership, you can sign up for a Boost membership. Depending on the perks, it costs $59 or $99 per year.

However, you can also get vouchers to reduce the annual cost. As it’s paid, there are more benefits, such as:

  • Savings on specialty brands
  • Free delivery (next-day or immediate)

2. Redeem Fuel Rewards  

Whether you have a free or paid membership, you’ll earn points as you shop at Fry’s Food Stores. You can use those points to fuel rewards or points. 

Fry’s Fuel Points program states that you’ll earn one fuel point for every $1 spent on groceries and other purchases. Then, 100 fuel points are equivalent to 10 cents off a gallon of gas.

However, there are ways to earn more fuel points:

  • Gift cards allow you to earn 2x fuel points
  • Some promos on the weekly ad will enable you to earn up to 4x fuel points
  • Qualifying prescriptions entitle you to more fuel points
  • Participating in fuel events rewards you with bonus fuel points
  • Boost members earn 2x fuel points 

Once you have enough points, you can redeem them at participating gas stations. Usually, Fry’s partner fuel stores are Shell stations. 

3. Shop Cashback Deals

You can get your money back when you shop with cashback deals. As the promo name implies, when you buy these products, you get a certain amount back that you can use for future purposes. 

So, in a way, the cashback amount serves as savings for future shopping! Cashback varies per offer – you can get $1, $1.25, 75 cents, and more. 

4. Consider Delivery, Pickup, or Shipping 

Going to a store to shop is the usual way. But in these modern times, there are more options like having groceries delivered, picking up orders when ready, or having items shipped from afar. 

These options are not only convenient. You can get deals as well! For instance, Fry’s offers free pickup for orders worth $35 or above and free shipping for products in thousands of quantities. 

If you’re a Boost member, you may also get free delivery on specific orders! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Fry’s and Kroger the Same?

Fry’s Food Stores and Kroger are not the same, but they are associated with each other as they belong to the same company. Kroger Family of Companies owns both chains and other supermarket chains like Dillon, Foods Co, Gerbes, and more. 

Is Fry’s Considered a Supermarket?

Fry’s Food Stores is considered a supermarket and is categorized as one by its parent company, Kroger. Under Kroger, a supermarket combines a food and drug store. Thus, you can shop for groceries and fill prescriptions at Fry’s Food Stores. 

Who Owns Fry’s Grocery Store?

Fry’s Food Stores is owned by Kroger Co. or Kroger Family of Companies. However, it was first established and owned by Donald Fry, so the chain was named after him. 

In 1972, the Fry family sold the chain to Dillons. Kroger Co. then acquired Dillons, so the former now owns both chains. 

Does Fry’s Have a Loyalty Program?

Fry’s Food Stores has a loyalty program called VIP membership. Signing up for the program is free, and you can get a virtual or physical card. 

Being a VIP member means you have access to exclusive coupons or promos. You also get fuel rewards, and you can shop online. 

Does a Fry’s Membership Cost Money?

The Fry’s Food Stores’ VIP membership does not cost money. You can sign up for a digital account online without cost and approach a customer service desk for a VIP card. 

Fry’s Food Stores also has a paid membership called Boost. It has more perks but can cost up to $99 per year. 

Can I Use My Kroger Card at Fry’s?

According to customer experiences, you can typically use your Kroger Plus Card at Fry’s Food Stores and other Kroger-owned stores. However, there is no official policy that states such.