Stop & Shop Weekly Ad (12/15/23 – 12/21/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

Stop and Shop’s Weekly Ad is the ultimate guide to incredible savings and fresh grocery deals. At Stop and Shop, you can shop for your favorite brands and delicious ingredients without breaking the bank. Thus you can get a fantastic selection of special offers, discounts, and promotions to help you make the most of your shopping experience. 

From farm-fresh produce to pantry staples, and household essentials to snacks, the Stop and Shop weekly ad is filled with unbeatable prices and exciting bargains. So, keep reading to explore aisles and discover a world of savings, convenience, and quality. 

Let’s dive into this week’s extraordinary deals at Stop and Shop.  

Stop & Shop Ad & Preview

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What is the Stop and Shop Weekly ad?

The Stop and Shop Weekly ad is a promotional flyer or digital advertisement released by the Stop and Shop supermarket chain on a weekly basis. It highlights the current sales, deals, and discounts available at their stores for that particular week. The ad features a variety of products from different departments, including groceries, fresh produce, meat and seafood, bakery items, household essentials, and more.

Customers can access the Stop and Shop Weekly ad through various channels. You can get the ad at the official Stop and Shop website, in-store flyers, email newsletters, or the Stop and Shop mobile app. The ad typically includes images, descriptions, and prices of featured products plus the following things: 

  • Buy 2, get one free
  • Digital coupon savings 
  • 40% of on sale 
  • Digital coupon with a limit of 2 
  • Deal Locks 
  • Chances to get Go rewards by shopping selective products 
  • Available free items 
  • Details of the products in one or two lines 

All these features make it easier for customers to identify the items on sale.

What makes Stop and Shop Weekly ad Unique 

The Stop and Shop Weekly ad offers several unique features and benefits that set it apart from other supermarket advertisements. Here are some factors that make the Stop and Shop Weekly ad unique:

  1. Stop and Shop often provides meal planning ideas and recipes within their weekly ad. This added feature helps customers save time and effort when preparing their meals.
  2. The Stop and Shop Weekly ad is available in various formats, including online on their official website and through their mobile app. This digital accessibility allows customers to easily browse the ad and save items to their shopping lists. It enhances convenience and makes it easier to plan your shopping trips.
  3. The Stop and Shop Weekly ad often features exclusive deals and promotions that are not available elsewhere. These can include discounts, buy-one-get-one offers, or limited-time sales on specific products. 
  4. When you click on a particular deal in the ad, you will be able to see the weekly ad details. Moreover, you can also view related products and deals and add them directly to your cart. 

These unique aspects make the Stop and Shop Weekly ad a valuable resource for customers looking to save money, plan meals, and stay updated on the latest offers.

How to Use the Stop and Shop Weekly Ad

Using the Stop and Shop Weekly ad can help you save money and plan your shopping trips more effectively. Here are some steps on how to make the most of the Stop and Shop Weekly ad:

  1. Get the ad from the official Stop and Shop website or in print at your local store. 
  2. Take some time to go through the ad and carefully look at the featured products, deals, and discounts. 
  3. Create a shopping list based on the items and deals you find in the weekly ad. 
  4. In addition to the deals mentioned in the weekly ad, look for any available coupons that can be used with the sales. 
  5. When you go to the store, stick to your shopping list and focus on the items you plan to buy. Take advantage of the sales and discounts mentioned in the weekly ad, but avoid impulse purchases that are not on your list.

Remember, the Stop and Shop Weekly ad is typically valid for a specific period, so plan your shopping accordingly. 

How to Save Maximum While Shopping at Stop and Shop

To save maximum while shopping at Stop and Shop, consider implementing the following strategies:

  1. Utilize the Stop and Shop Weekly ad

As discussed earlier, the best way you can save at Stop and Shop is by regularly checking the Stop and Shop Weekly ad to identify current sales, deals, and discounts. You can plan your shopping list around the featured items to take advantage of the savings. 

  1. GO Rewards

Another great way to get maximum savings at Stop and Shop is by joining the GO Rewards program. You will get the chance to earn GO points which you can redeem to get further savings on gas and groceries. Moreover, with this program, you are also able to get more personalized offers in your inbox related to your preferences. 

All you need to do is 

  • Create an account 
  • Activate the account and shop. You will get one point for spending each $
  • Redeem the points for big savings 

Stop and Shop also allows you to donate your points to people in need.  

  1. Stop and Shop Pharmacy

Stop and Shop operates pharmacies in many of its supermarket locations. The Stop and Shop Pharmacy provides a range of services to customers, including prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, health consultations, immunizations, and more. 

The Stop and Shop Pharmacy fills prescriptions prescribed by healthcare providers. You can bring your prescriptions to the pharmacy in person or request refill orders online or through their mobile app. The Pharmacy also offers immunizations for various vaccines, such as flu shots, shingles, pneumonia, and more. Trained pharmacists can administer these vaccines, helping customers protect their health. Pharmacists at Stop and Shop Pharmacy can provide medication counseling and answer your questions. 

  1. Digital Coupons

You can also combine digital coupons with weekly ads to increase your savings to a maximum level. All you need to do is visit the official website and look for coupons. There is also a guide on using digital coupons if it is your first time using this money-saving hack. 

You will easily see the amount of the product on top of the coupon. Moreover, coupons mention if you need to buy more than one product for you to get the coupon discount. You will also see the number of days that are left for you to take advantage of the coupon. 

Stop and Shop also accepts competitors and internet coupons. Moreover, there is also a coupon policy for double/triple coupons. Make sure you go through all points before stacking coupons. 

  1. Savory Recipes Stop and Shop

If you are fond of trying new recipes, you will love Savory Recipes from Stop and Shop. You will find tons of recipes plus cooking tips that will help you a lot in the kitchen. So, why not take advantage of some kitchen and cooking help along with saving on groceries? You can also choose seasonal inspirations or super-fast meals for your next main course.  

By combining these strategies and being mindful of sales, discounts, and additional savings opportunities, you can maximize your savings while shopping at Stop and Shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access Stop and Shop GO Reward offers? 

To access your GO reward offers, you must open your account using the mobile app or official website. There will be new offers each week, which you can get by using your points and get them as a free bonus along with your shopping list. 

Is a Stop and Shop Card a must-to-use digital coupon?

Yes, you must have a Stop and Shop card if you want to use digital coupons for additional savings at checkout. Without a card, you will not be able to use coupons for discounts. 

Why is my delivery from Stop and Shop in paper? 

As New York Has banned the distribution of plastic bags at retail shops, from now on, you will receive groceries in paper bags. 


The Stop and Shop Weekly ad is designed to help customers save money by offering special prices, and limited-time offers on popular items. It allows shoppers to plan their grocery trips, take advantage of the best deals, and maximize their savings. 

By utilizing the Stop and Shop Weekly ad, customers can stay informed about the latest discounts and plan their shopping lists accordingly. It is a valuable resource for budget-conscious shoppers looking to make intelligent purchasing decisions and stretch their dollars further.