Rite Aid Weekly Ad (12/17/23 – 12/23/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

In the world of savvy shopping, one name stands out for its commitment to offering customers the best deals on health, wellness, and everyday essentials: Rite Aid. 

Every week, Rite Aid transforms into a treasure trove of savings, thanks to its Weekly Ad. If you are ready to embark on a journey of intelligent shopping, this article is your ticket to discovering the ins and outs of the Rite Aid Weekly Ad. The Rite Aid Weekly Ad will unlock incredible discounts and new products, from skincare to vitamin cosmetics to household essentials. 

Rite Aid Ad & Preview

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Join us as we delve into the fantastic world of savings and explore the latest offers to make the most of your shopping experience. You will learn how it works and why it is an essential tool for anyone looking to save big on their purchases. 

What will You Find in The Rite Aid Weekly Ad?

The Rite Aid Weekly Ad is a marketing and promotional tool. Customers can get an insight into the current and upcoming deals, discounts, and offers available for a specific week. It is a printed or digital publication showcasing various products from various categories. 

Key features of the Rite Aid Weekly Ad typically include:

  • Product Discounts: The ad highlights discounted products, often with a percentage off the regular price or a “buy one, get one” (BOGO) offer.
  • Various Categories: You will find deals and discounts on multiple products from various categories at one store. The categories include health and wellness, beauty, personal care, household items, pets, and more.
  • Promotional Sales: Special sales events, such as “2 for $X” or “50% off,” are featured to attract customers looking for savings.
  • Coupon Offers: Occasionally, the ad may include coupons that customers can clip or use digitally to save additional money on their purchases.
  • New Arrivals: It may showcase new products or brands recently added to Rite Aid’s inventory.
  • Seasonal and Holiday Deals: The ad may highlight related products and special offers during holidays or specific seasons.
  • Wellness+ Rewards Program: Information about Rite Aid’s loyalty program, Wellness+, provides customers with rewards and discounts for repeat purchases.

Customers can access the Rite Aid Weekly Ad by picking up a physical copy and viewing it online or through the mobile app. It is a valuable resource for budget-conscious shoppers, helping them plan their purchases and take advantage of discounts and promotions. 

Ways That Can Help Save Maximum While Shopping at Rite Aid

Following are some effective ways that can help you take savings to a maximum level when shopping through Rite Aid. This week, combine these ways with the Rite Aid weekly ad for better results.

  • Rite Aid Coupons 

The best way to maximize your savings when shopping at Rite Aid is through their Digital Coupons. Just visit the official website and log in to your account to benefit from coupons worth more than $502. 

Each coupon mentions the amount you will save by using it in dollars. Moreover, you can also do a hassle-free category-based coupon research on the official website. 

  • Online Deals 

Another effective way of increasing your savings at Rite Aid is by using all of the available Online Deals at that time. We recommend that you make a shopping list before viewing these online deals. Furthermore, look for the items on your list and see if you find a perfect deal to get discounts. You will also see a few selective products that can help you get major rewards and bonus points in return. 

  • Rite Aid Rewards

Rite Aid offers you a golden chance to indulge in a rewards system that helps you earn lots of points. The process is relatively easy; you only need to log in and provide an active phone number. Once you have made your account, you will earn ten points for every $1 you spend at Rite Aid. 

Doing so lets you get up to $200 in weekly savings by combining all digital coupons, bonus offers, and online deals. You can earn up to 750 points when buying your medications from Rite Aid Pharmacy. 

Here is a three simple steps guide you can follow to make the most of the Rite Aid Rewards:

  1. Earn Points 

The first thing you must do to benefit from the rewards program is earn enough points. 

  • You get 10 points by spending $1
  • Precsciprtion pickups help you get up to 750 points 
  • If you get immunization in-store, you get 250 points per shot.
  1. Convert points into BonusCash.

When you have enough points, you can redeem them into BonusCash. For every one thousand points, you get $2 as a reward. 

  1. Enjoy with saving.

This is the best step in this whole journey, and you get to save your hard-earned money in return, which lets you enjoy your life to the fullest. 

Rite Aid Rewards 65+

Rite Aid honors its senior citizens by offering them five times points for every dollar they spend on every first Wednesday of each month. Not only this, but citizens of this age and above also get one free pharmacist consultation every month. This consultation gives you a free blood pressure screening and some medicare part D questions. 

  • BonusCash Rewards

Rite Aid allows you to earn up to $70 in bonus cash when you buy from the brands you love. All you need to do is to spend money while shopping at Rite Aid and earn points. Later on, convert these points into cash-back rewards. 

One thousand points will be equivalent to $2 in BonusCash. Similarly, two thousand points will earn you $4, and three thousand points will help you get $6 back in your wallet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Use BonusCash Reward at Rite Aid to Get Discounts?

You can use your BonusCash rewards at Rite Aid to get discounts on future eligible purchases. There are two primary ways to accrue BonusCash:

Earn Points and Convert to BonusCash: As a member of Rite Aid’s loyalty program, you earn points with your purchases. You can convert these points into BonusCash rewards in three increments:

  • 1,000 Points = $2 BonusCash
  • 2,000 Points = $4 BonusCash
  • 3,000 Points = $6 BonusCash

Earn BonusCash with Promoted Products: Another way to earn BonusCash is by purchasing specific promoted products. When you buy these qualifying items, the BonusCash rewards associated with them are directly deposited into your account. 

Will I see the same Rite Aid weekly ad circular in-store and online? 

Rite Aid claims that most of the weekly savings and deals are the same in the printed circular and the weekly ad you see online. Thus, you can easily add items to your cart and shop online. However, the official website also advises you to check out the printed version, as some stores might offer more deals and discounts on their printed weekly ad copy. 

What kind of coupons are accepted at Rite Aid?

Rite Aid gladly accepts nearly all kinds of coupons. You can bring manufacturer coupons you find in newspapers and print-at-home coupons. Apart from these, Rite Aid accepts Rite Aid valuable coupons, internet, digital, BOGO coupons, and total purchase coupons. However, you must know of a few rules and regulations in the coupon policy


In conclusion, the Rite Aid Weekly Ad is more than just a simple catalog of discounts and promotions. It is a roadmap to smarter and more cost-effective shopping. As explored in this article, the Weekly Ad is your key to unlocking substantial savings on various products, from health and wellness essentials to beauty and personal care items and household necessities.

By taking advantage of the Rite Aid Weekly Ad, you can maximize savings, discover new products, earn BonusCash rewards, and maximize your savings. 

That is why seasoned Rite Aid shoppers and savvy consumers make the Rite Aid Weekly Ad a part of your shopping routine. It is a ticket to a world of savings, allowing you to get more of what you need without emptying your wallet.