Tom Thumb Weekly Ad (12/13/23 – 12/24/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

The Lone Star State residents know Tom Thumb isn’t just an English folklore character or a circus performer. It’s one of Texas’s most reliable supermarket chains, providing Texans with the cheapest, freshest, and best quality goods since 1948.

They also know that to make the most out of your Tom Thumb experience, you must explore and take advantage of the incredible offers featured in the Tom Thumb weekly ad. However, you must keep reading to know more about this ad!

Tom Thumb Ad & Preview

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What Is A Tom Thumb Weekly Ad?

The Tom Thumb weekly ad is an online resource that compiles all the most recent and active Tom Thumb deals this week. It works and appears much similar to other weekly ads. 

There are several promo types included in this Tom Thumb sales ad:

  • Discounts 
  • Mix or Match
  • Rewards Points
  • Buy 1 or 2 and Get 1 
  • Store and Manufacturer Coupons

Here are some of the things you can glean from each coupon or deal from this Tom Thumb ad: 

  • Product name
  • Product description and specifications
  • Limit per coupon
  • Applicability on digital or in-store purchases 
  • Final price 
  • Amount saved 
  • Product picture

These promos expire within a week after they are posted. Thus, check the site or app every Wednesday for a new set. There is no Tom Thumb monthly ad; hence, staying updated every week is your best shot at being the first to know about these offers. 

Is the Tom Thumb Weekly Ad Interactive?

The Tom Thumb weekly ad – like other stores’ weekly ads – is interactive if you access it from the store’s website. You can click on the individual deals or coupons, and they’ll open on the side to provide more details. 

While deals are on the sidebar, an “Add to List” button appears. It makes it easier to save promos to your account and redeem them when you need them. 

Meanwhile, you can tell coupons apart from other offers because of the scissor icon on the top right. When you select the coupon, there’s a “Clip Coupon” option instead of “Add to List.” There’s also a “See More Info” button to learn more about Tom Thumbs’ coupon usage guidelines. 

If you don’t want to go online for the ad, you can print it, like a Tom Thumb flyer! The downside is it’s not interactive, so you can’t click on an item and expect it to pop up with more details.

How to Use the Tom Thumb Weekly Ad

Using the weekly ad to find Tom Thumb sales this week is easy. Here’s how:

  1. Become a Tom Thumb for U member.
  2. Open the Tom Thumb website.
  3. Select Weekly Ad on the navigation bar.  
  4. Once you’re in, you can use the scrollbar, mouse scroller, or up and down keys to peruse the ad. 
  5. If you find deals you are interested in, click on them and read the details on the sidebar.
  6. You may add to your list or clip to save them. 
  7. Redeem the coupons or deals before they expire. 

The weekly ad and individual promo sidebars indicate the promo period of the offers. To avoid expired deals, you can take note of the ad’s last day so you know that you should spend your saved promos by that date. 

When you clip coupons or save deals, they appear in your account. Thus, make sure you have the Tom Thumb app. 

How to Save Money at Tom Thumb

There are almost an unlimited number of things you can get at Tom Thumb stores. However, you’re often constrained by your budget. But no worries – you can make the most of your money by taking advantage of as many promos as possible. 

Thus, here is how you can save money at Tom Thumb:

1. Get a Membership or Subscription

If you often shop at Tom Thumb, you should seriously consider joining its membership and subscription programs, Tom Thumb for U and Fresh Pass. Each offers incredible perks like rewards, coupons, deals, meal plans, delivery, and more. 

To know which one is better suited for you, here are their benefits and downsides:

Tom Thumb for U Membership

Tom Thumb for U is the store’s free loyalty program. These are some of the benefits:

  • Earn points from grocery and gas purchases 
  • Points convertible to discounts 
  • Weekly personalized deals
  • Annual birthday treat
  • Monthly free item
  • Pet perks
  • Welcome offers  

Fresh Pass Subscription

Unlike Tom Thumb for U, Fresh Pass isn’t free. You’ll have to pay a monthly subscription amount. However, that means you’re entitled to more impressive perks like these:

  • Free deliveries on orders above $30
  • Discount on flash deliveries
  • More rewards points
  • Monthly credit
  • Welcome discount
  • Discounts on certain products
  • No-expire reward points
  • Monthly Starbucks perk
  • VIP customer service 

2. Apply Membership Perks 

It’s not just enough to become a member of Tom Thumb for U or a subscriber of Fresh Pass. You need to apply the perks to enjoy the benefits and feel the amount of money you save with every trip. 

But how do you do that? Here are some tips: 

  • Earn points: If shopping on-site, you can scan your Member Card to earn points. Meanwhile, you can provide your mobile number registered with Tom Thumb if buying online. You can use those points later to get discounts on your orders or purchases. 
  • Redeem rewards: You can redeem rewards via the store app or website. Look for and click the “Rewards” or “Member” button. Then, select the “See All” or “Redeem” option to find rewards you can clip or apply. 
  • Clip coupons: The coupons in the weekly ad are for members only. You can clip and claim them using your app. There may also be other coupons on the website or app. 
  • Check deals: Tom Thumb for U members are given promo recommendations based on their shopping habits. This makes it easier to discover and enjoy deals most applicable to them. 

3. Plan Your Tom Thumb Shopping Trip

Even with all the Fresh Pass and Tom Thumb for U perks, they can’t beat the classic way of saving money: proper financial planning. Before you head out to the nearest Tom Thumb, you must plan when to go there, what to buy, and what coupons or deals you can use to make savings. 

You can even use the weekly ad to plan! It has prices, so it’s a great idea to find things you need in the ad and calculate a budget based on what you can find. When you stick to that budget, it’s easier to avoid overspending. 

Moreover, the sooner you go after the ad is published, the better. That way, you can avoid running out of the promoted item. You’ll also get it while it’s at its best quality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Tom Thumb Locations Are There?

There are 65 Tom Thumb locations, all of which are in Texas, USA. Hence, this business has a highly niche audience. Although there are Tom Thumb Food Stores and Tom Thumb C-Stores across the country, they are distinct from and unrelated to the Tom Thumb supermarket chain in Texas. 

How Many Tom Thumb Stores Are In The US?

There are 65 Tom Thumb stores in the US. They are all located in Texas, USA, with the first stores being opened in Dallas. That said, it’s unsurprising that most of the branches – 19 out of 65 – are in Dallas, Texas. 

How Do You Earn Tom Thumb Rewards? 

To earn Tom Thumb rewards, you must buy eligible items from Tom Thumb. Eligible purchases include groceries, gift cards, and pharmacy items, and they can earn you 1 to 2 points per dollar. You may visit the Tom Thumb website for excluded or non-eligible purchases. 

Do Tom Thumb Rewards Expire? 

Tom Thumb rewards and points expire at the end of every month. Specifically, every 100 points will be converted to rewards at the end of the month. If there are extra points, they’ll expire and won’t be converted to rewards. Then, the rewards will expire after another month. 

If you’re a FreshPass subscriber, your rewards will not expire. This is a significant benefit for subscribers over members. 

Can You Stack Coupons at Tom Thumb? 

Coupon stacking is allowed at Tom Thumb but is subject to specific policies. For instance, two or more Safeway coupons can’t be redeemed against the same item in a single transaction. Meanwhile, manufacturer and store coupons can be combined against an item. Thus, it’s best to check the guidelines of the store and each coupon before using them.

Does Tom Thumb Have Cash Back?

There is a 2% cash back when using Tom Thumb Shop Prepaid Cards at Tom Thumb and Albertsons stores. However, such cashback is limited to $40 per year. Meanwhile, some store perks, like birthday treats, free monthly items, or overage, can’t be converted to cashback. 

Does Tom Thumb Have a Credit Card?

Tom Thumb has no credit card. Instead, it sells shop and bulk gift cards and prepaid cards. The Select prepaid cards are particularly noted, as they offer perks like free reloads, 2% cashback, and faster payments. However, verification is needed before one can use these prepaid cards.