Coastal Farm Weekly Ad (12/06/23 – 12/18/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

Living in the “wild, wild west” will call for things you won’t expect to need in a metropolis. For instance, you might find yourself needing an outdoor fireplace or a wire fence. 

Thus, you might feel lost when looking for such necessities. However, they aren’t impossible to find, especially when you know where the nearest Coastal Farm is. 

Coastal Farm Ad & Preview

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Shopping at Coastal Farm is exciting as you find many things you typically won’t see in other stores. The experience is better, though, when you can save money, which we’ll teach you how in this article.

What Is Coastal Farm & Ranch?

Coastal Farm & Ranch is a specialized retail store that was created after the merger of C-A-L Ranch Stores and Coastal Farm & Home in January 2023. Both chains are country retailers.

However, C-A-L also specializes in ranch retail while Coastal Farm & Home caters to the country lifestyle. Thus, the union of the two chains to create the present Coastal & Farm means you find you can find everything you need for a Western farm and ranch life in just one chain.

Where Can You Find Coastal Farm & Ranch?   

Because of the merger, Coastal Farm & Ranch can be found across six states. Specifically, Coastal Farm & Home can be found in two states: Oregon and Washington.

Meanwhile, C-A-L Ranch has locations in Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. In total, there are around 54 stores or branches between the combined chains. 

You can use the respective chains’ store locators to find the nearest branches: Coastal Store Locations and C-A-L Ranch Store Locator

What Can You Get at Coastal Farm & Ranch?

Coastal Farm is not a grocery or supermarket. Thus, you can’t expect to find there some produce, drugs, canned goods, and other such things. 

The products it sells as a specialized chain are specific for ranch, farm, and country living. They are divided into the following main categories:

  • Clothing & Footwear – The clothes in this section are mainly for country or ranch life. Thus, you’ll find boots, coveralls, cowboy hats, personal protection apparel, etc. 
  • Sporting & Outdoor – If you need equipment for camping, hunting, watersports, and fishing, you’ll find them in this section. 
  • Tools & Automotive – Ranch and farm life often involves a lot of DIY, so most folks stock on tools, ladders, and other such equipment. 
  • Home & Garden – There’s a lot one can do with country space: gardening, backyard cooking, hosting, and more. Tools to make those activities possible can be found in this section. 
  • Pet & Animal – Most stores feature pet supplies for common pets like cats, dogs, and birds. This section has those, but since it’s catered to farm and ranch life, there are also supplies for livestock. 
  • Gift Cards – Coastal Farm gift cards can go as high as $1,000, and make a great gift for friends who often shop there! 
  • Farm & Fence – Besides materials needed to make fences, this section has stalls, shelters, sprayers, implements, hay, water tanks and pumps, and other farm equipment. 
  • Fireplaces and Stoves – There are many types of stoves in this section: freestanding, fireplace inserts, classic fireplaces, gas fireplace logs, and outdoors. 

It’s also interesting to note that besides classifying products by type, Coastal Farm sorts its products by brands. This makes it easy to look for stuff you need. 

Is There a Coastal Farm Weekly Ad?

Most stores have a weekly or monthly where they highlight coupons and items on sale. Thus, customers who want to save money often refer to those regular circulars. 

However, there is neither a Coastal Farm weekly ad nor a Coastal Farm monthly ad. Instead, there is a Coastal Farm flyer. 

This flyer pretty much looks like other stores’ classic weekly ads. That is, it appears as a collage or compilation of promos and product images. 

It’s also interactive. You can click on a product you like and a sidebar will appear with more details and “Add to List” and “Shop Now” buttons. 

What makes the Coast Farm ad or flyer different though is it isn’t released regularly. For instance, they had a Beat the Rush sale flyer that lasted two weeks. 

Thus, the sales on that flyer would be active for the specified two weeks. However, the next flyer – a Pre-Black Friday Sale – is good for only one week. 

Therefore, you’ll have to check the site frequently to know what are the active Coast Farm deals this week. You may also sign up for the email or text message list for updates! 

Tips for Shopping at Coastal Farm & Ranch

Going through the Coastal Farm sales this week using the flyer is a great way to save money while shopping at Coastal Farm. But here are other tips you should know:

1 View the Preview Flyer 

When you visit the Coastal Flyers page, you’ll notice that there’s not just one flyer. There are two: an active flyer and a preview one. 

The preview flyer is a Coastal Farm sales ad that features upcoming deals or promos. It’s perfect for shoppers who want to plan their purchases as they will already know what products are on sale. 

2 Check Out Special Savings 

Coastal Farm & Ranch has a Special Savings section on its website. It contains all active top deals as it isn’t limited by a specific duration, unlike the flyers. 

Unlike the flyers, you can also see product ratings (if available). You can also click on a product to see if it is stocked at the nearest Coastal Farm & Ranch store. 

3 Join the Country Club Rewards Program 

Many stores love to reward their most loyal customers and Coastal Farm is no exception. It does so through its Coastal Country Club Rewards Program. 

The said program allows you to earn Club Points as you shop. The rate is 1 Club Point for every $1 you spend (note, though, that not all purchases may qualify for Club Points).

Once you have 500 Club Points, you are awarded $10 worth of Rewards Dollars. You can then use those to pay for future online or in-store purchases (like cash!). Note, though, that the Rewards Dollars expire within 60 days, so redeem them ASAP. 

Besides the Club Points and Rewards Dollars, having a Country Club membership means you have access to exclusive deals. These deals are known as Coastal Country Club Loyalty Offers and they allow you to save as much as 50%!!!

Other benefits to the Club membership are emailed receipts and receipt-free returns. You may also get free shipping on certain items. 

That said, you may be tempted already to join the Country Club. Fortunately, membership is easy.

But before we talk about that, know that it is only limited to Washington, Oregon, and California residents (as of November 2023). They may expand in the future, so stay updated through the site. 

However, if you live in a state that qualifies for Country Club membership, you can apply online or in person. You don’t have to pay anything and the only information you need to provide is your name and email address. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Purchased Coastal Farm and Ranch?

The current majority owner or purchaser of Coastal Farm and Ranch is Nolan Capital. This ownership began in 2021 when Nolan Capital bought a majority stake in Coastal Farm. 

After the merger of C-A-L Ranch and Coastal Farm in 2023, it was determined that Nolan Capital remains the majority owner of the combined chains. 

Who Are Coastal Farm and Ranch’s Competitors?

Coastal Farm and Ranch has several competitors. They include the following: Big R Stores, Marden’s, Hicks Nurseries, Ace Hardware, Farm Supply, and Boring Bark and Landscape Materials.

However, few of these competitors have the same assortment of products as Coastal Farm & Ranch. Usually, they tend to be more specialized. 

Who Is C-A-L Ranch?

C-A-L Ranch was a chain of stores that specializes in ranch and country lifestyle products. It has locations across Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. 

After merging with Coastal Farm & Home, though, the two chains became known as Coastal Farm & Ranch. C-A-L owners became CEO and minority owners of the new, combined chain. 

How Do I Check the Balance on My Coastal Farm & Ranch Gift Card?

There are two ways to check the balance of your Coastal Farm & Ranch gift card. First is to visit the store and make a personal inquiry. The second option is to call customer service. 

Does Coastal Farm and Ranch Price Match?

Yes, Coastal Farm & Ranch is happy to price match for their customers. Price matching is when the store allows you to buy a product at a lower price that matches the competitor’s price. 

There are stringent guidelines, though. For instance, the product must be in stock at the competitor at the time of price matching and Coastal Farm must have the exact brand, model, and specifications. 

Does Coastal Farm and Ranch Have a Veteran Discount?

Coastal Farm and Ranch has a discount for those who are or were in the military. It is equivalent to 10% of purchases and can be availed every day.

To claim a veteran or military discount, customers only have to present their military ID. Cashiers will automatically apply the discount upon presentation.