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Family Fare Coupons and deals

Family Fare Weekly Ad

May 5 - May 11, 2021
Expires in 6 days

Expired Coupons and deals

Wednesdays SENOR Age save 10% 80% Lean POLarty priced Ground Beef Sold in a 3 lb. Roll For $5.97 $199 lb. GROUND BEEF writh ves


40110 2 for GO BNTAIS SAA a Fle Breakfast Links, Patties 5 or Ground Sausage wit yes 1012


200Z. TUB! Fresh Cut In-Store Pineapple, Cantaloupe, Honeydew or Watermelon 5 Cubes


0 heres All-Natural Pork Back Ribs Baby or Fresh Whole Boneless Pork Tenderloin $299 lb. with yes


RBee 00 - 1 0 4 gcau CEE Ee WENS T2E1 ERE open tO acres $ made freak In The Deli 5 Soup wi S 22 Oz. Assorted Varieties


co 0 -2 Tesh Tresh Gcernket Gcrmiet CLASSIC HEESE & GARLIC CAESAR oROuTONR CROTTONS FH N 4 for 1 --1 In The Produce Dept. 5 Fresh Gourmet wich yes Croutons 5 50Z


About Family Fare

In 2004, Spartan began consolidating most of its nameplates into two brands: Glen's Markets in northern lower Michigan, and Family Fare in southern lower Michigan. This change rebranded three locations of Prevo's Markets in Grand Rapids to Family Fare, as well as the Great Day chain, while the rest of the Prevo's became Glen's.

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