ShopRite Weekly Ad (11/25/23 – 12/02/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

When looking for grocery shopping, savvy buyers know the right shop!

When eight mom-and-pop grocers became the backbone of ShopRite in 1940, they experienced the joy of working together as one unit. This cooperative of supermarkets alone has donated more than $51 million to various food banks.

Apart from giving back to society, ShoRite is a go-to spot for many families in the US because of its wide variety and affordable deals. On top of that, customers can enjoy ShopRite weekly ads this week. Keep on reading to learn more about how you can take full advantage of the ShopRite weekly ad this week.

ShopRite Ad & Preview

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What is the ShopRite Weekly Ad?

Picture this: a colorful carnival of savings, where each page holds a treasure trove of unbeatable deals and tempting discounts. It is like stumbling upon a secret treasure map that leads you to aisles full of your favorite products at prices that will make your wallet dance happily.

The ShopRite weekly ad consists of the following main points:

  • Savings for special events on top 
  • Sale Price 
  • Discount by adding a digital coupon for digital purchases 
  • Final price after discount 
  • Limit of products you can buy 
  • Bold headings to make categories prominent 
  • Job opportunities (if available) 
  • Wide range of products from frozen, packed, fresh produce to outdoor living items. 

So, buckle up, and let’s embark on a journey where every turn promises a delightful surprise.

How to Use the ShopRite Weekly Ad

Have a quick look at the given steps if you want to know how to use the ShopRite Weekly ad next week:

  1. Go to the official website of the ShopRite. 
  2. Click on the weekly ad section to see all of your available options. 
  3. If you like an offer, click on it to see the details of the offer on your screen. 
  4. If you like an offer enough to purchase it, simply add it to your cart. 
  5. You can clip the digital coupons in your app and then show them to the cashier at the store if you shop physically. 
  6. Do not forget to redeem the coupons when you place your order.

How to Save Maximum While Shopping at ShopRite

If you want to maximize your savings at ShopRite, combine all the available offers with the ShopRite weekly ad this week.

1. Get the ShopRite App

One of the first things that you should do to maximize your savings at ShopRite is to download the app. Now after the recent updates, you can browse the aisle numbers of your desired products and make an informed shopping list. You can also view all weekly deals and digital coupons in a single place. Moreover, you can search for items, save lists and notes, get a few extra deals on the app, etc.

With the help of the ShopRite app, you can also order online or use a pick-up delivery service.

2. Browse through All Sale Items

On the official website of ShopRite, you will find an “All Sale Items” section that can help you thoroughly. You will find items on sale, or you get a discount when bulk buying them easily in this section. Just keep an eye on the upper corner of each sale item and look for one of the following given signs:

  • On Sale 
  • Number of items left 
  • Spend $ and save $
  • 2 in $
  • Get three by spending $

You can also “add a special request” by scrolling to the bottom of the page. 

3. Price Plus Card

If you want to add more ways and start budget-friendly shopping at ShopRite, you should consider having a Price Plus card. Ideally, you bring your card every time you shop. You can have one or all of the following benefits from having a Price Plus card:

  • You will get discounts on hundreds of items throughout the store. 
  • Cardholders get special offers like Free Holiday Items and many more. 
  • You will get notifications for events of a product safety recall.
  • If you lose any of your keys in the store and have the cards attached to the keys, the store will return your key. You will get the keys in the mailbox with the Price Plus card. 
  • Exclusive offers and mailings.
  • You can download Digital Coupons on all brands you buy from. 

4. Look out for other deals

You can look at the following ways to add up to your savings when shopping at the ShopRite stores:

  • Digital Coupons: In addition to exciting deals and saving opportunities at ShopRite, you also get digital coupons as a cherry on top. These coupons offer savings of up to $400 to their customers. 
  • Gift Cards: You can use ShopRite gift cards to buy items from ShopRite supermarkets and pharmacies. You can also use this card to pay for online orders when you pick them up at the ShopRite supermarket. ShopRite does offer a  refund on unused balance in a gift card if yours is stolen. However, you have to show proof of purchase. 
  • Limit 4 coupons: Although you can not stack up coupons in the ShopRite store, you can use a single coupon up to four times if it is a limit 4 coupon. Make sure you look for such coupons in the ShopRite weekly ad this week. 
  • Wellness solutions: ShopRite also offers wellness solutions for everyone in the form of food safety measures, resources, lifestyle guides, recipe booklets, etc. Moreover, you can also schedule a one-on-one meal-planning session with the experts. 
  • Pet Medicines: Apart from offering refills, management, and immunization schedules, ShopRite Pharmacy also offers pet medications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you stack coupons at ShopRite?

No, according to the coupon policy at ShopRite, you are not allowed to stack multiple identical or excessive coupons. The store does so to offer value and availability of products to all of its customers. On the other hand, you can use manufacturer, valid internet, and valid electronic coupons on your card. 

Can I use more than one coupon at ShopRite?

In case you have a limit of 2 or 4 coupons, you can use it two or four times in a single transaction. However, if not, you can not use more than one similar coupon in a single transaction at ShopRite.

What is the best time to shop at ShopRite?

ShopRite updates its weekly ads every Sunday morning. Thus, it is ideal that you go there first thing on a Sunday morning and get full advantage of the available coupons and deals. 

Can I pay my ShopRite bill with my phone?

You can use ShopRite mobile scan app to pay for your bill from your phone. You have to visit your nearby ShopRite store to complete the registration. You must bring your Price Plus card, valid ID, and email address for registration.

Furthermore, accept the terms and conditions and proceed further. For the first time, the system will ask you to scan your Price Plus card and then save your number for future usage.

How far in advance can I view the upcoming ShopRite weekly ad?

Typically, you can view the upcoming ShopRite weekly ad a few days before it becomes effective. You have to keep checking the weekly circular ad to see if the ad for the next week is available or not. This allows you to plan your shopping and take advantage of forthcoming deals.


The ShopRite weekly ad offers many benefits and opportunities for savvy shoppers. Customers can access a comprehensive list of current deals and discounts by leveraging the weekly ad and other saving deals.

It allows them to make informed purchasing decisions and maximize their savings. Whether you want to save on groceries, plan meals, or streamline your shopping trips, the ShopRite weekly ad can help you maximize your shopping experience.

Stay updated with the latest offers and promotions through the weekly ad and enjoy the satisfaction of finding great deals at ShopRite.