QFC Weekly Ad (12/12/23 – 12/19/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

The QFC Weekly Ad, a staple of many households’ shopping routines, is a valuable resource. It offers the customers a sneak peek into the latest discounts, promotions, and deals available at your local QFC (Quality Food Centers) grocery store. Each week, the QFC supermarket chain publishes a new circular filled with exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions. 

QFC Ad & Preview

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You will find these deals on a wide range of products. In this article, we will explore the significance of the QFC Weekly Ad, its benefits, and how it can help you save money while enjoying the convenience of QFC’s high-quality products.

The significance of the QFC Weekly Ad is in the given Features

Certainly, the significance of the QFC Weekly Ad lies in its diverse array of features designed to enhance the shopping experience for customers. These features not only make the QFC Weekly Ad a valuable resource but also a convenient and efficient way for shoppers to plan their purchases. 

Some of the key features that contribute to its significance include:

  • Exclusive Discounts: The QFC Weekly Ad is a treasure trove of exclusive discounts on a wide range of products, from fresh produce to household essentials. Shoppers can take advantage of substantial savings on items they regularly purchase.
  • 4X Fuel Points: On Friday, the QFC weekly ad offers its customers a golden chance to earn 4X fuel points with the help of digital coupons. You will find a QR code for the coupon you can scan to avail of this offer. 
  • Score Great Sips: QFC is one of the great places for customers to buy some great beverages. You can easily score a few great sips from this beverages section in the ad. Moreover, you also get a 10% wine discount by using a QFC membership card. 
  • Save 50 cents when buying Six or More: In the QFC weekly ad, you get an opportunity to stack up on your favorite items and also earn a discount. For example, you will find numerous daily-use items in this section that you can stack up on and save fifty cents on buying six or more items. 
  • Convenience: The QFC Weekly Ad is accessible in print and digital formats. Shoppers can easily access it online, on mobile devices, or in the store. This accessibility makes it incredibly convenient for planning shopping trips.
  • Weekly Digital Deals: QFC offers a great discount via digital deals where you can use each coupon up to five times in one transaction. Look for “Sale” sign tags in the ad to see the qualifying products. 
  • Heat and Serve: With the QFC weekly ad, you get a fantastic opportunity to prepare holiday classics in just a few minutes with the help of the “heat and serve” option. All holiday meals include a choice of protein and a few side options. 
  • Meal Planning Assistance: The QFC Weekly Ad often includes meal ideas and recipes, helping customers plan their weekly menus around the discounted products featured. This feature simplifies meal planning and encourages creative cooking.

In summary, the QFC Weekly Ad’s significance lies in its ability to provide shoppers with a comprehensive and dynamic tool. It helps them maximize savings, convenience, and choices in grocery shopping. 

QFC Is the First Choice of Customers Due to the Following Features

  • Fuel Points Program

QFC has solidified its position as the first choice for many customers, thanks to its highly acclaimed Fuel Points Program, which is part of The Kroger Co. Family of Stores Loyalty Program. This ingenious program not only enhances the shopping experience but also provides significant fuel savings every time you shop. By simply using your Shopper’s Card during your purchases, you earn 1 Fuel Point for every dollar spent. 

What makes this program truly remarkable is the flexibility it offers in redeeming the earned Fuel Points. Customers have the convenience of utilizing their accumulated points at any of QFC’s Fuel Centers or at partner fuel stations, ensuring that they can maximize their savings when filling up their vehicles.

  • Digital Coupons

QFC has emerged as the first choice for customers, largely due to its innovative use of digital coupons. Their digital coupons offer an unparalleled level of convenience and savings. Customers can easily access and redeem these coupons via their smartphones or computers, eliminating the need for traditional paper coupons. This not only simplifies the shopping process but also ensures that customers can readily access and apply discounts on a wide range of products. 

  • Free QFC Advantage Card Membership

QFC’s reputation as the top choice for customers is undeniably linked to its exceptional QFC Advantage Card Membership. This membership doesn’t just offer savings; it unlocks a world of convenience and personalized benefits that shoppers truly appreciate. By opting in for email notifications, members are always the first to know about the latest ways to save, ensuring they never miss out on the best deals. 

The Advantage Card offers a treasure trove of savings through coupons, weekly specials, and sales, all tailored to individual preferences. As customers continue to shop, their digital coupons become even more personalized, making every visit to QFC a unique and rewarding experience. 

The QFC Advantage Card also simplifies the shopping process, allowing members to manage their grocery lists, access receipts, and check their accumulated Fuel Points effortlessly via the QFC app or website. With the potential to save an average of $576 per year, it’s no wonder that QFC’s Advantage Card Membership has made QFC the preferred choice for budget-conscious and tech-savvy shoppers.

  • Boost Memberships

QFC also offers an incredible Boost Membership, which primarily serves as a ticket to avail of free home delivery perks. What sets this membership apart is the array of convenient options it offers. Whether you opt for next-day delivery at $59 per year or $7.99 per month or same-day delivery at $99 per year or $12.99 per month, you are in for a treat. With the option for same-day delivery in as little as 2 hours, customers can enjoy the utmost convenience in getting groceries. 

Have a look at the following table to get a better idea of what you can expect in the Boost Membership program at QFC. 

PerksBoost $59/YearBoost $99/Year
Digital Coupons ✔️✔️
Fuel points per one dollar spent ✔️✔️
Order groceries online ✔️✔️
Weekly Specials ✔️✔️
Free Next Day Delivery ✔️✔️
$100+ in savings on speciality brands ✔️✔️
Free Delivery in as little as two hours ✔️

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have access to all QFC Boost Benefits during the free trial period?

During the free trial period, you get certain benefits like free delivery and double Fuel Points. However, the special Boost coupons are only for members after the free trial, not during it.

Who owns QFC?

QFC is owned by the Kroger company.


The QFC Weekly Ad is a testament to offering its customers a wide selection of high-quality products. Moreover, it also makes their grocery shopping experience more affordable and convenient. With exclusive discounts, boost memberships, digital coupons, and meal planning assistance, the QFC Weekly Ad caters to the diverse needs and preferences of its customers. 

It is clear that QFC understands the evolving demands of its customers in an increasingly digital and fast-paced world, and it has successfully adapted to meet those needs. As a result, QFC remains a beloved destination for those seeking to balance their budget and their taste for the finer things in life.