Lowe’s Market Weekly Ad (12/13/23 – 12/19/23) & Flyer Preview

By Dawn Carter

Lowes Foods has a tight hold over the Carolina states, with 100 branches across the North and the South. Such loyalty is cultivated by the homegrown company’s equivalent dedication to the Carolinian community. 

Indeed, this company greatly supports local businesses, and such efforts are only repaid. Another factor in its popularity is its commitment to making the shopping experience as enjoyable as possible. 

Lowe’s Market Ad & Preview

You can check Lowe’s Market Weekly ads and flyers in this section.

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Lowe’s Food Ad & Preview

In this section, you will preview Lowe’s Food weekly ads and flyers. Keep checking this every week.

Now viewing: Lowes Foods Weekly Ad (Apr 17 - Apr 23, 2024)

One way they make grocery runs more delightful is with the Lowes Foods weekly ad. As you read on and learn more about it, you won’t shop again at Lowes Foods without sneaking a peek at every ad first.  

What is the Lowes Foods Weekly Ad?

Lowes Foods joins the multitude of grocery stores or supermarkets with weekly ads. These promotional materials bring together the hottest, short-term deals in one place.

These ads come in a variety of looks and features. However, the Lowes Foods ad follows the traditional approach.

The Lowes Foods sales ad appears as a graphic and informative collage of promos. The details it shows include price, product name, deal type, and more. It’s also interactive – you can click on every offer to learn more about it. 

Is There a Lowes Food Monthly Ad? 

Some stores have a monthly ad, which is better for budgeting. Although there is no Lowes Foods monthly ad, there is a digital ad that looks like an online store. 

All the products on sale are displayed on the page side-by-side. They are of varying durations. Some are the Lowes deals this week, while others are promos that last over two weeks. 

Thus, even though there’s no monthly ad, you can still plan your purchases at Lowes Foods 

ahead of time. 

What Makes the Lowes Foods Weekly Ad Unique? 

Many weekly ads look much like each other. Thus, it’s hard to see their differences. However, there are a few things that make them distinct, and here are the ones for Lowes Foods: 

1. Buy One, Get One Free Promos 

Everyone loves a good BOGO or buy one get one deal. However, Lowes Foods loves to take it a notch higher. 

If you check the Lowes Foods flyer, you’ll see BOGO deals come with a fine line: EACH CHARGED AT HALF PRICE. It makes sense – with each item half a price, you’ll pay the regular price and get two products.

However, that fine line doesn’t tell you that if you have a BOGO coupon, you can get both items at a quarter of the price! 

For example, a pack of Dino Nuggies costs $9 and is offered this week as a BOGO promo. If you have the coupon, you’ll only have to pay $4.5 (plus tax) and bring home two packs of Dino Nuggies!

2. No Downloadable PDF Copy

Most stores that have a traditional flyer or ad allow customers to download a PDF copy. They can use it when they’re offline or take it with them to the store.

Interestingly, although Lowes Foods’ weekly ad is the traditional type, you can’t get a PDF copy. Thus, it’s only accessible online.

3. No Prices for All Items 

Most weekly ads have prices on every item, even the BOGO deals. To be clear, though, most Lowes Foods sales this week have prices. 

However, its BOGO (and similar deals) do not. Thus, even though you see that these items are on sale, you won’t know what the total price is. 

How to Use the Lowes Foods Weekly Ad

Discovering the cheapest and best offers in Lowes Foods for the week is easy with the weekly ad. Here are the steps you can follow:

  1. Open the Lowes Foods website.
  2. Click on Savings & Rewards on the menu.
  3. A dropdown menu will appear. Choose Weekly Ad. 
  4. When redirected to a page, find the SHOP OUR WEEKLY AD sign. Under it, there is a View Now button.
  5. Click that View Now button. 
  6. You will be asked to provide a zipcode, city, or state. Please input yours. 
  7. Once you see the weekly ad, you can scroll up and down to see all the deals. 
  8. To learn more about an offer, click on it. A sidebar will appear, bearing more details about the deal. 
  9. An “Add to List” button will also appear on the sidebar. Click on it to add a product to your shopping list. 
  10. If the offer is a digital coupon, a “Clip Coupon” button will also appear on the sidebar. You can click on it to save the voucher, although you’ll need an account or rewards card to use it. 
  11. Certain ad pages will appear like promotional posters for a product or brand. If you click on them, you’ll be directed to the brand’s page on the Lowes Foods site. 

Make sure to take note of when the ad will expire. Once the offers are past the expiration date, you can’t enjoy them. 

How to Save While Shopping at Lowes Foods

The weekly ad is one way to save money at Lowes Foods. Here are other tips you can follow for even more savings:

1. Get a Fresh Rewards Card 

Lowes Foods joins many other stores in having its loyalty program: the Fresh Rewards Card. Note that you don’t need this card to shop at Lowes Foods.

However, having one enhances the experience. Firstly, you get access to exclusive deals and promos. 

Best of all, you earn points and rewards for your transactions with Lowes Foods. For example, you can get gas rewards that you can use to save fuel money! 

2. Clip and Use Digital Coupons 

Sure, the weekly ad already has many digital coupons. However, they’re not all. If you want to find all Lowes Foods vouchers, visit the digital coupons page.

You will need an account to clip and a Fresh Rewards card to use the coupons. That online account is separate from the Fresh Rewards membership, but you can link them.

While signing up for an account, you can also get a Fresh Rewards card. So, you’re hitting two birds with one stone!

Once you have your account (and card), go ahead to clip coupons. Ensure you know when they expire so you don’t put them to waste. 

Also, be familiar with the store’s coupon policies. Lowes Foods does not just accept its own coupons.   

3. Redeem Various Types of Coupons

Our previous tip mainly discusses coupons Lowes Foods actively promotes, such as the ones on its website. But as I’ve said – they’re not the only ones the store accepts. 

For instance, Lowes Foods is one of the few stores to honor competitors’ coupons! Thus, you can redeem your coupons from Food Lion, Aldi, Whole Foods, Walmart, Target, and other companies to your local Lowes Foods. 

Note, though, that such competitor coupons are subject to policies. Lowes Foods may not accept vouchers from all stores and limits redemption to four competitor coupons per household per day.

Besides competitors’ coupons, Lowes Foods accepts the following vouchers: 

  • Manufacturer 
  • Double 
  • Digital 
  • Internet “Print at Home” 

Before you redeem any of these, brush up on Lowes Foods coupon policies, so you’re sure you can use the coupons you’re bringing. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How To Use Lowes Gas Rewards at Speedway?

Lowes Foods’ gas rewards can also be redeemed at participating Speedway locations. To do so, you’ll need to link your Fresh Rewards and Speed Rewards cards first. Such a procedure can be done online. 

Once linked, you can redeem your Gas Rewards at Speedway. Note that for every $100 you spend at Lowes Foods, you get 5 cents off per gallon of gas. 

Does Lowes Own Lowes Foods?

Lowe’s Companies does not own Lowes Foods (and vice versa). Thus, the two companies are independent of each other. 

However, they share a similar name as they have a common history: the Lowe family. Lucius Smith Lowe founded the hardware, and his descendant, Jim Lowe, established Lowes Foods. 

Neither company is connected with Lowe’s Market, based in Texas. 

Is Lowes Foods Only in North Carolina?

Lowes Foods is based and was founded in North Carolina. However, it has branches in South Carolina and South Carolina. 

Overall, the company has around 100 stores. It also has its own fuel stations, where you can redeem gas rewards. 

What Is Lowes Foods Similar To?

Lowes Foods is a supermarket that primarily offers food products, although it also has other items like health & beauty, floral, and baby needs. Thus, it is most similar to The Fresh Market, Kroger, Food Lion, and more. 

Who Is Lowes Foods Owned By?

Merchants Distributors, Inc., or MDI, bought Lowes Foods in 1986. Over time, MDI reorganized such that its parent company is Alex Lee, Inc. 

Now, both MDI and Lowes Foods are subsidiaries of Alex Lee, Inc. Therefore, Alex Lee Inc. owns Lowes Foods. 

What Is Lowes Foods Purpose Statement?

Lowes Foods’ purpose statement reflects its dedication to revolutionizing the grocery shopping experience such that it is more personal and reflective of community roots. Thus, the company remodeled locations to reflect such ambition.

It also created new concepts to cater to the Carolinian roots. Furthermore, it encourages locals to work for them, so the experience they are developing is authentic.