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(Valid Jan 14 - Jan 20, 2022)
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Food Universe Weekly Ad

In the US, grocery supermarkets, pharmacies, home improvement and other retail stores publish limited time savings, coupons and deals in store every week (bi-week or month). You can typically find these flyers in the store near the entrance. You may also find flyers retailers’ website. You can visit Food Universe website to view the weekly ad.

These items are available in limited quantities while supplies last. Shop early to get the best selection and be sure to follow your local government’s health recommendations for safety while shopping.

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Food Universe Digital Coupons and deals

15 9 Oz ConOvent Roasted, Honey Roasted orRotisserie ButterbalTurkeyBreastl 2/7$
Expires in 2 days
Harvestland lb. 1$99 4 USDA Grade A ... Fresh All Natural Urban MeadoNow Antibiotics EveChickenr Drumsticks or Thighs YOUCHOICE!R
Expires in 2 days
Harvestland HarvestlanOrganicBonelessChickenBreastsd lb. 6$99 lb. 3
Expires in 2 days
16 Oz Pkg Beyond MeaBeyondt BeePlant-BasedGroundf 3 7$99
Expires in 2 days
16 Oz PkAbruzzese,g Sicilian or Mozzarella Rustica CarandItalianMeatballso 5$99 5
Expires in 2 days
7 Oz ConAssortedt Healthy OneSlicedMeats 3$49 2
Expires in 2 days
7 11-12 Oz PkAssortedg Nathan'BeefFrankss $ 993
Expires in 2 days
3$49 32 Oz Pkg SabretWindMillHott Dogs
Expires in 2 days
32 Oz Pkg SabretNaturalt CasinBeefg Franks 13 $ 993
Expires in 2 days

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About Food Universe

We offer more than just the basics of what you would expect to find at a grocery store. Beyond the standard departments every shopper needs, we also offer ways to shop organic, for prepared meals and salads, easy meals, daily specials and so much more. At the end of the day we strive to make it simple as could be to take care of what you need. As a matter of fact, we feel a true supermarket makes sure you, as our customers, take care of tasks you normally wouldn’t even get around to doing. Our employees are trained to help answer any questions our customers may have regarding our products. We value our customers and try to accomodate to their needs as much as possible. Our unparalled products and our loyal customers make Pick and Save Supermarket a great place. We are happy to serve our customers and want to make sure that they have a great shopping experience while in our store.

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