Safeway Coupons, Deals & Promo Codes

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Do you want a Safeway coupon or two? Or maybe even more? Check out the Safeway weekly ad for this week to find the largest coupon database right at the tip of your fingers.

Saving and redeeming these coupons is really easy to do. Just click on the coupon, check out the details and instructions, then redeem! But make sure you use them right before expiry or else it would be for naught.

You can save these coupons only from 03/01/2023 to 03/28/2023. The Safeway ads gets updated every week, so next week your getting new and better vouchers.

Besides fantastic coupons, the Safeway sales ad also grants you access to 12 exclusive promo deals and merch discounts! You wouldn't find these anywhere else, so get the most out of it! Click on the arrow buttons to quickly flip through dozens of product collections, including household items, fashion bonanza, school merch, and modern appliances.

If you can't shop this week, that's alright - plan for next week's instead. You can use the Safeway ad previews to view astounding discounts for the next few weeks. Planning ahead lets you maximize your budget and ensures your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

FREE Juantonio's Tortilla Chips 11 to 15-oz. Selected varieties.
Expires in 6 days
Juantonio's Tortilla Chips
Jose Cuervo
Jose Cuervo
Get it for $5.99
Expires in 6 days
Jose Cuervo Tequila
Signature SELECT®
Signature SELECT®
Get it for $2.79
Expires in 6 days
Signature SELECT® refreshe® Purified Drinking Water
Get it for $1.99
Expires in 6 days
Yoplait Gogurt
Get it for $4.99
Expires in 6 days
Gallo Salame
Signature Care™
Signature Care™
$0.99 OFF
Expires in 20 days
Signature Care™ Body Wash
Blue Bell Ice Cream 64 fl. oz. or Open Nature® Cauliflower Pizza 10.2-15.3 oz.
Blue Bell Ice Cream 64 fl. oz. or Open Nature® Cauliflower Pizza 10.2-15.3 oz.
Select Varieties
Hot Pockets
Hot Pockets
8.5-9 oz. Select Varieties
First 4 Additional... Read more.
Simply Lemonade
Simply Lemonade
52 oz. Select Varieties
Red, Ripe Roma Tomatoes
Red, Ripe Roma Tomatoes
85% Lean Ground Beef
85% Lean Ground Beef
Value Pack
All Natural* Pork Shoulder Roast
All Natural* Pork Shoulder Roast
Bone - In, Sold Whole in the Bag

Safeway Deals by Brands

Hardly anything else beats the quality of branded pieces but let's admit it - most of them have price tags that can rip your wallets. But that's about to change because with this Safeway circular, you don't have to sacrifice quality anymore. It lets you get access to the top Safeway deals by brand, a segment decked with big-discount vouchers and markdown items from 12 brands.

Specifically, it features promo deals from the following brands: Starbucks, Manischewitz. If your favorite brand, voucher, or product isn't here, don't worry; the Safeway sales flyer often gets updated so you'd have more amazing deals from more brands!

Starbucks logo
108 Deals
96 Deals
Safeway Weekly Ad & Preview

Wondering where to find the craziest markdowns? Only right here, with Safeway weekly ad! It takes only a few clicks and scrolls to score the most budget-friendly offers on your screen.

But you know what's crazier? You can also find future whopping bargains with Safeway ad previews! It's a limited sneak peek, so grab the chance while it's hot!

Safeway Ad
03/01 - 03/28
Safeway Ad 03/01/2023 - 03/28/2023 preview

How to save at Safeway?

Do you ever wish that you could save more when shopping at Safeway? If so, then you are in luck! With a few simple strategies and the right tips, anyone can save big and find awesome discounts. Learn how to shop smarter and get amazing deals exclusively from Safeway weekly circular. All of the information on how to maximize your savings when shopping with Safeway is here. Just read on to begin saving today.

Safeway Digital Coupons

Unlocking greater savings at Safeway is now a breeze with Digital Coupons. Safeway coupons are a great way to get discounts on various products or services from your favorite online stores. Using digital coupons, you can save up to 50% or more on many items. You can find discounts on clothing, electronics, home goods and furniture, beauty products, and more with a Safeway coupon.

The best part about using digital coupons is that they don’t require clipping or printing. All you have to do is enter the coupon code to purchase to receive the discount. It is a convenient way to save money without having to go through the hassle of cutting out physical coupons from newspapers and magazines.

There are various ways to find digital coupons for Safeway. Many websites offer exclusive promotional codes that you can use to shop online. You can also subscribe to email newsletters that alert you when new deals become available.

When using digital coupons at Safeway, read all the details associated with each offer before entering the code to know what kind of discount it offers and how long it will be valid for. Furthermore, a few stores might restrict the number of digital coupons you can use per purchase. Hence, it is essential to read these conditions to avoid exceeding any limits set by the seller. So if you want an easy way to save big bucks on your purchases, then make sure you take advantage of this convenient option.

Safeway Weekly Specials

Going on a shopping trip at Safeway this week? Check out the Safeway weekly ad first! It helps you discover the best weekly specials, biggest product discounts, and other exclusive offers you can use to maximize your trip. You can also use it to accurately project expenses and compare prices!

To use the weekly ad, flip through the collections like you do with a physical catalog. There are arrow buttons that let you go back and forth. You can also use the magnifying glass icons or your scroller to zoom in and out. Some product details are too small to see if you don't zoom in.


Saving at Safeway with the help of BOGO free can be a great way to stretch your budget! To ensure you get the most out of every BOGO promotion, start by understanding the terms and conditions. Many promotions may have limits on items eligible for the discount or restrictions on how many discounts can be used in one purchase. Read all details carefully and make sure you understand them before taking advantage of savings opportunities.

It is also important to compare prices between stores to determine who has the best deal on items that qualify for BOGO 50% off. Shopping around can save money and allow you to find items on which you can get extra savings with the Safeway ad.

When a BOGO offer is available, it’s smart to stock up on items that don’t expire quickly or something you know you will use up for certain. This way, you won’t need to worry about wasting any food or other item due to an expiration date before you have time to use it up.

The additional discounts are great ways of saving even more money with each purchase so combine them with BOGOs wherever possible for even more significant savings.

Reward Programs

Although many find it frivolous and indulgent, being a part of store membership programs, like Safeway reward program is so worth it. The key is in making the full use of the perks - from the exclusive discounts to the points you can earn.

Use the program to your advantage and you won't even feel the small membership fee you paid, just the big savings. Want to experience that? Learn how through our Safeway sales ad.

Exclusive Online

Shopping online at Safeway with exclusive offers can be an excellent way to save money on purchases. One of the easiest ways to find these exclusive deals is by checking out the store's website. You can often find discounts on everything from clothing and furniture to electronics and appliances.

You may also want to check out Safeway weekly circular, which sometimes lists special deals available exclusively online. One of the best ways to keep track of Safeway's exclusive online offers is by following them on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. These accounts often feature updates about new promotions, advertising upcoming sales events, and alerting followers about any current sales going on.

Free Shipping

Shopping at Safeway sales flyer doesn't have to be expensive. There are plenty of ways to save money while still getting the needed product. One of the easiest and best ways to save when shopping online is to take advantage of free shipping.

Many stores offer free shipping on orders that exceed a certain price threshold. Thus, if you are planning on shopping at Safeway, look out for those opportunities to get shipments sent right to your door without having to pay extra. That way, you can still get the items you need while keeping your wallet happy.


If you love the thrill of going through a mass of colors, forms, shapes, and sizes, clearance sales are the best place for you. These racks are filled with off-season, surplus, and other many, many items, often in a state of disarray. There's usually no organization, and if there is, that's usually gone after a blizzard of shoppers. But even so, shopping through clearance racks are one of the best, money-saving hacks. Prices are so reduced, some great items comet at 60% off.

To join in and be on time for the fun, watch out for announcements of clearance sales on Safeway sales flyer. They are usually for a very limited time only, and you must be there right away. It's not a good idea to start shopping during the sales last few days as you won't have the good stuff anymore.

Price Match at Safeway

Are you on a tight budget this week? Then you certainly have no room for unexpected price hikes and would greatly appreciate big discounts. Luckily for you, you can find both accurate prices and amazing deals on the Safeway weekly ad. This digital resource is frequently updated so it showcases only the most recent promos and prices. Take advantage of that by using it as a reference for your week's price matching efforts and apply the featured discounts and deals accordingly.

Cashback reward program

What's a cashback? It's as straightforward as it sounds - you get money or cash back to you after you purchase a certain product. It's a one-of-a-kind deal, just like buy one get one, free shipping, and big discount promos. Like the other offers, you just have to meet the terms and conditions to avail! If you want to know more about it (and discover huge promos), then check out the Safeway coupon database. It's got all the info you need (and more!).

Shop at Right Time

Saving money at Safeway will be a piece of cake if you shop at the right time. To maximize savings and get the most bang for your buck, take advantage of two key seasonal opportunities: Black Friday and Back to School season.

Black Friday is an annual event filled with deep discounts on items ranging from apparel to electronics, making it a great opportunity to save big on products you have had your eye on. Many retailers also offer special online deals exclusive to their online stores, so be sure to check those out too.

Back to School season is also another great chance to save big and stock up on essential items like clothes, shoes, and school supplies. Retailers often offer discounts on bulk orders or bundle packages, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead and purchase what you need in advance.

By taking advantage of these two seasonal shopping opportunities, savvy shoppers can save big at Safeway. By doing your research online and planning ahead of time, you can ensure that you find amazing deals available for the items you need.

Shopping at Safeway

Safeway In-store Shopping

A trip to your local Safeway is much more satisfying when you snag a great promo. However, they can be quite elusive ... unless you're subscribed to the Safeway sales flyer! This digital promo material features fantastic deals and discounts, so you'd know when you can avail them and how! Some of them are pretty exclusive, so you get a headstart from other shoppers. All that sounds good, right? So subscribe now!

Curbside Pickup

Check out the latest Safeway sales flyer! Not only does it contain the biggest deals and discounts, it also features great and convenient services you may not be familiar with, like curbside pickup! Such an offer allows you to make an order, have it delivered to a specific, nearby location, and pick up the package once it has arrived. Transportation fees are cheaper this way, plus you can pickup the item the soonest it's available and won't get delayed by delivery backlogs and other similar issues.


Time is money, and sometimes spending hours walking through grocery and store aisles can lead you to wasting a lot of money. Not only do you spend when you shop, you also sacrifice hours you could have been earning or relaxing. Thus, it's time for some change! Use the Safeway weekly ad this week to check if your local Safeway allows delivery. Once you got that clarified, start doing your groceries at home and having them delivered. You save so much time, plus you're less likely to get tempted by random items you see on store aisles.

Online Shopping at Safeway

Online shops are popular for a reason. Firstly, they're convenient and easy, as everything is organized by collection. Unlike in-store shopping, you won't have to scramble to find stuff on your shopping list. Secondly, and best of all, it's cheap, mainly because of the dozens of deals and discounts, which you can find on the Safeway circular. Lastly, everything is delivered to your home. So, if you want to enjoy all those, see if your local Safeway is online!

Mobile Digital App

Safeway app is a great way for shoppers to save money and time. By enabling customers to sign up, the Safeway circular offers exclusive discounts, notifications about in-store events, and early access to sales. Shopping at Safeway can be made easier as Safeway app provides users with product information, nutritional info, helpful recipes, personalized shopping lists, and more. With the Safeway app, shoppers will feel prepared and informed while browsing the products.

How EveryPayJoy Help you Save?

Do you shop every week? If you're spending money so often, you'd want to save as much as you can too. Lucky for you, there's EveryPayJoy! It's a website that compiles weekly ads, coupons, sales flyers, and shopping advice articles to help you maximize your budget and savings. You can access it anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, you can also subscribe to Safeway weekly ads or Safeway sales flyer through EveryPayJoy. You only need an email to do so, and after you've provided that, you'll regularly receive updates on the latest promos, deals, and discounts. This is a big help for a weekly shopper like you as you know what's cheap and what discounts you can get.

Aside from the weekly ads, you can also browse EveryPayJoy's comprehensive coupon database. Hundreds of ready-to-use, updated vouchers all in one place, organized by brand. With just a click on your screen, you can avail them and enjoy the savings immediately!

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